13 January 2019

My lovely luxury baby gift from Willow and Cole

There are some baby items you know you will hold on to. You know instantly you will save these items for your children's children, just because they are so beautiful and precious. Willow and Cole provide exactly these types of baby gifts. 

When Willow and Cole got in touch and asked me to review their baby gifts I could already picture myself handing over these treasures to my future little grand-darlings... And I'm really happy to be able to share the joy with you guys as they have provided one of their beautiful merino wool cashmere baby blankets to give away to one of my readers too!

baby in a cot with cashmere blanket

I loved how stylish and luxurious the baby gift sets Willow and Cole provide are. There were gorgeous little dresses, dungarees and cardigans for the fashion-conscious amongst us, and practical yet luxurious everyday items for us who just want to have a little extra beauty in our days. My lovely luxury baby gift included a cashmere cable knit baby blanket, an olivewood natural goat hair baby brush and Shelly the Sheep, the softest ever cuddly toy. 

I'm a firm believer in that in your everyday life you should use the best possible things you can. It is all about using items that work well, feel pleasant on your skin, are a joy to touch with your fingertips - it just makes your day so much better, these tiny little touches. An ordinary day can be made a little bit better by adding a bit of luxury in it, be that in fun things like taking care of your baby or mundane things like doing the laundry. We only live once, we might as well enjoy it and have fun doing it.

willow and cole gift box

cashmere baby blanket gift set

brushing babys hair

grey cashmere baby blanket

olivewood baby brush

mummy brushing baby's hair

It is pure joy using luxurious and beautiful items. I loved brushing my baby's hair using her new olivewood hair brush, pretty to behold and pleasant to touch. The bristles feel soft on the skin, so my baby loved the feel of it on her head. Her cashmere blanket was luxurious, soft and warm, and oh so pretty with the intricate cable knit pattern. Her little sheep was another high quality item, soft and cuddly and perfect for little hands to hold. 

What I loved about Willow and Cole was also the finishing touches. It's the little touches that make for a perfect gift. Seeing the beautiful gift box, having the anticipation of opening the bow and peeling away the silk paper to reveal the luxurious contents... It's so exciting opening a gift! Obviously the gift is for the baby, but as the parent you get the full benefit of opening and appreciating it, so it is nice to have that extra special little something.

baby in a cot with grey blanket

Anything from Willow and Cole would make for a very well-received gift I am sure, so if you ever are looking for that extra special something to give to a new baby, their baby gift sets will be a great place to start.

All in all, I loved my gift, or ha ha, my baby's gift. See, I like it so much I have pretty much appropriated it for myself! I personally love the feel of cashmere and merino wool on my skin, so I am sure if my baby could speak, she'd say "Me too!". These materials feel warm, soft and breathable and incredibly comfortable, and if I could, I'd wrap myself and my baby in them head to toe. 

What was the best baby gift you've ever received or given?

beige merino wool baby blanket

The gorgeous merino wool cashmere blanket Willow and Cole provided for this giveaway is another beautiful luxury item that any baby (and parent) will absolutely love. Soft and beautifully produced, it will keep one very lucky baby cozy and comfortable. Enter below, and lots of luck! UK entries, over 18 only. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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10 January 2019

My top picks from the Aldi Baby and Toddler Event

Me, I love a good bargain. After Christmas I quite enjoy having a look through the sales and seeing if there is anything decent that I need (or just purely want) at a good price. Speaking of bargains, whenever I go to Aldi I always check their middle aisle, aka the random aisle, for any weird and wonderful things on discount. I've bagged quite a few nice things in the past for the kids and myself!

In January these combine to a Aldi Baby and Toddler Event, where the middle aisle is filled with weird and wonderful items for the littlest ones in our family - in store from 10th January. Aldi sent us a few items to check out, and asked us to check the rest of the sales out. Alongside the very well thought-of Aldi Mamia nappies, wipes and baby food pouches, I've looked through the Specialbuy bargains for my other top picks!

aldi nappies and wipes

We are in the weaning stage now, so Annabel Karmel's Baby Weaning Book (£4.99) was something I'd be keen to get my hands on - I've had this from the library forever now so having my own copy would be great. We also really love Nuby's Silicone Animal Bibs, that are in a 2-pack (£3.49), and Food Flasks (£5.99).  

Speaking of Nuby, there are also loads of Nuby toys and teething products to choose from - I quite liked the look of Teether Socks (£4.99) and Pull Along Wooden Toys (£7.99). Bath books (£2.99) are popular toys in our house too, with the big one wanting to read them to the little one in bath! 

aldi baby products

When I go to the store I might pick up a few items to go alongside the Baby Bodysuits (£2.99) - like Baby Tights 2-pack (£2.79) and Baby socks (£2.49) as these things are always needed. As I am quite keen on cloth nappies I was really happy to see Bambino Mio reusable nappies for a very affordable price (nearly half price at £8.99!) so will pick one or two of them to add to our collection, alongside their washable and matching changing mat (£8.99). 

So those are my top picks - what baby items would you want to find in sales?

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