28 November 2014

Baby OOTD #14 - Styled by Daddy Part 2

When I was still on maternity leave I used to love the dress-up time. My little one would have a nice comfy outfit at home, in the morning we would often have a playdate or go to a play group where she would wear something cute, and in the afternoon we often went to town or see friends, where she would wear a third outfit. Yes. Three outfit changes a day. (Did I just hear someone say fruit something?). 
Now of course, it is my husband who dresses her daily, and I have an input only over the weekends. Every once in a while he sends me these pictures titled bootd - apparently they are for the blog! So I thought I would finally write a post about how daddy styles our little one. 
Some autumnal choices - I love the bobble hat, and the pink trousers, pink wellies combo. And the puffa vest over a summery flower shirt - would not have chosen it myself, but it does work. 
And here are some more summery ones. The one on the right has featured in a previous Styled by Daddy post, it is a lovely combination. The one on the middle, I like the socks and shirt colour matching, matched to little flowers on the shorts. And the left pajama picture is all about cute colours.

I do find he dresses her in much more comfortable clothing that I did and I would. And sometimes I am quite surprised with the combinations - definitely something I would not have chosen, or even thought about. I tend to be quite conservative and dress her in something conventionally cute. My husband on the other hand often goes for clashes, be that print or colour, and combinations of practical and preppy clothing. He calls his style "London chic" but I do have to be honest, I sometimes find it more like "Got dressed in the dark chic". The outfits here are pretty good though!
What did you think of this styled by daddy edition?

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25 November 2014

Making money with mummy blogging: Blogfest 2014

A few weeks ago I went to my first ever blog conference - Blogfest. I wrote about my experience as a newbie at her first blogging conference. There were more things I wanted to say however, mainly about the things I learned. One key session stuck to my mind, and that was the "How to make money from your blog". I found it fascinating, and thought I would share some of my notes and thoughts around the topic for you guys.

The speakers were from Zone, a digital marketing agency, Tara from Sticky Fingers blog and Skimlinks CEO. And it was all about the different ways you can make money, and why as a mummy blogger (and parent bloggers in general) you should know your worth. 

 Know your worth!
  • Mothers are difficult to reach through traditional advertisement.
  • Mummy bloggers offer reach, credibility, and cut-through (e.g. visibility)
  • You spend lots of time on your blog, don't sell it cheaply, value your time and your own platform.
  • How much is your time worth? Think about this when you think about what you charge. Some posts can take hours to write.  
How to get commercial opportunities?
  • Don't be on the "grumpy blogger" black list (e.g. don't be negative or whiney online)
  • Be a "good bet" for a brand and work like a business - this means have a USP, a professional look and have a same look across all social media channels
  • Make it easy to contact you, PR yourself and build your following
  • When you get commercial opportunities, be creative and show them off (e.g. make sure people know who you have worked with)
  • If you do reviews constantly, how are the brands going to stand out?
  • Have a PR/media pack, and when emailing your rates to companies, make sure to include what you offer for the money (e.g. blog post, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, how much promotion you will do... etc.) 
  • New bloggers: joining collaborations and commercial competitions can bring visibility.
  • Using affiliate marketing (if successful) can also get you noticed by brands (as they get to see who refers paying clients to them). Skimlinks is one affiliate marketing site that automatically converts your links to affiliate links, whenever there are campaigns.
How to make blogging pay?
  • Top factors affecting reputation and remunerations: statistics, quality of the blog, social following, previous successful brand work, reputation, level of work involved, added social media support. 
  • Charge different rates for different works - e.g. featuring in something that is very popular on your blog should cost more than a bog standard commercial post. 
  • You can get non-monetary benefits too - reviews of events and products can bring traffic which can also be valuable
  • If old posts are particularly popular, there is nothing stopping you from revisiting them and adding / redirecting links to new marketing campaigns, to re-freshen the commercial ability of the post. It is also a good idea to add affiliate links (I've done this with one of my old popular posts, and it regularly brings in the pennies now!) 

All in all, pretty interesting stuff. It was fascinating to learn more about blogging from a business/money perspective, always good to increase your knowledge I suppose.

Did this session change the way I think about blogging or my blog? Not really - I am a hobby blogger. I have an interesting career that pays the bills and has the potential to really go somewhere fascinating. Blogging would be a great sideline to have, but that is about as far as my ambition for it goes. Did I monetize my blog? Sort of - I did sign up to Skimlinks, and will investigate Affilinet (another sponsor of the event) when I have a bit more free time. 


As a final note, in addition to making money, there were few other interesting thoughts that stuck to my mind. First, children today grow in an environment without the online/offline distinction. Secondly, writers find it difficult to write, and that is how you know you are a real writer. Thirdly, truth will set you free but first it will piss you off. On that note, Suzanna Moore's 10 tips for better writing were great.

If you want to know what it was like attending a blogging conference as a newbie, I wrote a lengthy post about my experience of Blogfest 2014 here.

What did you think of these tips? What was your favourite session and did you learn anything new?

Tips from bloggers and digital marketing agency at a blogging conference for parenting bloggers - why mummy bloggers are worth it, how to get commercial opportunities and how to make blogging pay.

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21 November 2014

Baby OOTD #13 - Baby Kimono

I lived in Japan for a year when I was 17. I went to a Japanese college, lived in a Japanese family, and learned the language and the culture and the customs. My year as an exchange student had a big impact on me - it taught me so much about myself and changed me as a person. I guess a little piece of my soul will always be Japanese. 

smiling baby in kimono yukata

Now I live in London. It has been over 10 years, and I could hardly string a sentence together, let alone write even the most basic characters. But everything and anything Japanese always catches my eye, and makes me reminisce about the long-lost experience. 

baby toddler kimono yukata

Not that long ago we went to the Saturday Spitalfields Market (which is great by the way, my favourite market in London over the weekend) and I saw a sign saying "Baby Kimono". It immediately drew me in. I saw these gorgeous Japanese hand-made baby kimonos and had a good chat with the lady selling them. She told me about the design, about the second-hand fabrics and how her mum and aunties sew them for her in Japan and then send them by post to London. They were so gorgeous - and incredibly well-made. I haven't made my own clothes in years, but you can tell good quality and craftmanship easily. You can get them online too from Kiki crafted with love but her stall at Spitalfields market had a much wider selection. When we saw this little toddler kimono I immediately fell in love with it.

The fabric with the dragonflies is gorgeous. Subtle, but I love the little detail. Not too much, just enough.

I do love this little outfit. And what makes me love it even more is that I know this will fit her for another year and a half as we got it in a bigger size. Next year it is just knee-length trousers instead of hammer pants. Even better! 

baby toddler yukata kimono from behind

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18 November 2014

Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family - Review

When I saw there was a baby/toddler cooking book dedicated to Indian food, I knew I had to try it out. I received a copy of the Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family cookbook by Zainab Jagot Ahmed a month ago, and have been testing out quite a few of the recipes since. In this review I'll talk a bit about my impressions of the book, and what I thought about the recipes.

I loved the concept of this book - Indian food for babies and toddlers. I really like Indian food, but I have never cooked it home (unless you count mixing those ready-made sauces with a bit of chicken). So I was quite excited to try the recipes in this book.  I loved the thought of feeding my baby flavoursome, interesting food, something I wouldn't normally cook, to expand her palate. My daughter, now 17 months, seems to enjoy strong flavours so I was sure she would like the recipes. 

I've managed to try quite a few recipes, such as: 
Creamy Sweet Potato Dream (sweet, coconutty, great for a dessert)
Coconut Chicken Curry (we ate this as a whole family, and loved it)
Aloo Gobi (my little one loved this)
Matter Paneer (really flavoursome)
Mum's Chicken Karahi (very tasty, ate this with the whole family, and great with couscous too)
Classic Keema Curry (lovely with a dollop of natural yoghurt)
Classic Gajar Halwa (so moreish!)
There are still plenty of things I want to try, such as Saffron Date Kheer (rice pudding), Chicken and Saag Pasanda, Fruity Lamb Tagine, Tarka Coconut Dhal, and Masala Fish Curry. They all sound seriously yummy!

The best thing about the book was that we, as a whole family, could use it. The recipes were enticing enough for adults, suitable for babies and toddlers, and easy to prepare. I made a bigger batch of quite a few of the recipes, so we as a family could all eat the same thing. Makes life easier if you can just cook one thing I think! The recipes were really flavoursome and tasty, and we didn't need to use salt or chilli to spice our (adult) doses either, which was a plus. We as adults really enjoyed the meals we had, and our little one loved the flavours. She is going through a difficult phase now, but when she did agree to taste the food, she was quite enthusiastic about eating it. So thumbs up from our toddler too.

Another thing I liked about the book was the level of information contained within. There was a lot of information about different weaning stages, how to do weaning, and why certain ingredients and spices are good for you - e.g. what is the idea behind the "supermeals". The recipes ranged from things suitable for 7 month olds to 3-5 olds, with everything in between. So while we used this book as a family cooking book, and a toddler cooking book, this is perfectly suitable for families with small babies at the very beginning of their weaning journey.

The recipes were also varied, with plenty of things to choose from. There were the traditional Indian recipes, which were more appealing for us, but then there are the spiced-up English recipes, if you want to try to ramp up some of the more everyday dishes. There were sweet pudding recipes, as well as  savoury recipes, so something for every occasion. All in all, I really liked this book, and would definitely recommend it to other families too. 

You can get the Easy Indian SuperMeals on Amazon. I think it is such a lovely book it would be great as a gift for any family with small children. It is a great weaning book, but is perfect also for families with toddlers. 

And - if you like the look of this book, you could win it! Enter below, and good luck! 

*Book received for purposes of the review 


13 November 2014

Baby OOTD #12 - At Nannys

This Sunday we popped by Nannys house. Our little one always loves going there - such a treat for her and she never wants to leave. It was my birthday last Thursday, so we went to have lunch to celebrate it a little bit. 

I do love this pom pom beanie - I have one almost exactly the same and sometimes we go matchy matchy, mummy and daughter. The jacket is an old one from Monsoon, and just so lovely. The pompom hat we have was bought from Italy by my mum, but you can often find similar ones from high street shops during winter. 

Again the rara-skirt that has featured here before as well - it is just so cute! Combined with an Esprit pink vest, we got last year - I can't believe she still fits in some of her 6-12 month clothes... Not complaining though, means we can use some of the really cute things for longer. 

 What do you think of the outfit?

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11 November 2014

My Instagram October 2014

1. Autumn finally arrived alongside Pumpkin Spice Latte. 
2. I made this beautiful Scandinavian apple sponge cake - one of my favourite recipes. So easy too. Took it to work and colleagues quite liked it too. 
3. I found a new mug from Starbucks, and a quiet library room at work. A real godsend in a noisy office when you actually need to concentrate on something.
4. We received a new cooking book - Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family. Been really enjoying the Indian flavours, yum yum. Review coming up soon!
5. Coffee, coffee, coffee... Our little one has had trouble sleeping this month because of teething I suppose, and I have needed lots and lots of caffeine. 
6. ... but she is just scrumptiously scrumptious nonetheless. How could you resist that cute smile?
7. We had an exercise challenge at work, and I went for lunch time walks at the St James's Park.
8. Cinnamon bun day! Yes, there is an actual cinnamon bun day, and we celebrated it at IKEA.
9. All Hallows Eve was so warm we wore summer dresses, unbelievable.
10. For Halloween we had a little kitty visiting us. That was one of the three options we had.
11. These white chocolate ghost breadsticks were pretty yummy, even if I say so myself.
12. It is so rare that I can chill home, alone, in peace and quiet. Hubby was out with the some friends, our little one was sleeping, and I had the remote control, a Domino's pizza and a beer. Bliss!
All the pictures are from my Instagram feed. I mainly share little snippets of my life outside the blog, with my friends, through my iPhone, on the move. Feel free to have a look if you are in Instagram too.  

How was your October?

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9 November 2014

Newbie to a blogging conference: My first Blogfest 2014

Right. So I've had this blog for about three months and I attended my first ever blogging event. I went to a Mumsnet Blogfest, which is sort of a  one-day learning-oriented event about all things blogging and writing and connecting with audiences. I thought I'd write a quick tally of the good, the bad, and the interesting through the eyes of a newbie blogger that has just attended their first conference - because I was quite unsure what it is all about and would have found something like this pretty useful.

mumsnet blogfest 2014

To my very fresh eyes the conference seemed to be a lot about learning key blogging skills, about how to make your blog bigger and better, how to get money out of it, and discussing about phenomena surrounding blogging. I also thought the event was mainly pitched to budding bloggers, freelance journalists, and people that possibly have their half-finished novels sat in their bedside table drawer (ahem...). Very learning focused.

There were keynotes, break out sessions to choose from, some free time to socialise, and some sponsor stands to visit. Pretty standard conference lay out really. I went to all the keynotes, and my break-out sessions were "How to make money from your blog", "Advanced social media" and "Food blogging – where’s the beef?". I also wrote a post about the session "How to make money from your blog" - read it here

mumsnet blogfest 2014 coca cola

The good:
  • Plenty of inspirational speakers - I was especially blown by the Think Bombs. Camila Batmangelidh (founder of Kids Company) spoke about the cultural shift on how many of us seek to distance ourselves away from those more unfortunate by describing them lazy or unworthy. Francesca Martinez, a comedienne with cerebral palsy, told us about her journey to self acceptance, and Suzanne Moore, a journalist, told us that truth sets us free (but first it will piss us off).
  • I enjoyed the keynotes - it was interesting to listen to the panel discussion about technology and how it is affecting us, and the final keynote about writing and how "real writers" do it. 
  • The masterclass about how to make money from your blog was quite eye-opening - I didn't know much anything about it, and it certainly had good tips.
  • I did talk to most of the sponsors, and they were really interesting. I liked hearing about their charity initiatives, and got a lot of tips for blogging from Affilinet and Skimlinks. 
  • Food blogging panel discussion was also interesting, and hearing about how bloggers have gotten their cooking books published and what contracts they had was interesting. Apparently, writing a cooking book is not as lucrative as you'd think.
  • Food was delicious, there was a coffee bar (thanks for the constant supply of caffeine to one of the sponsors, Affilinet), and lots of free Coke, thanks to Coca-Cola. Nice cakes too, and the day ended in a free bar. There was a nail bar, sadly I didn't get one as I didn't want to queue to get a manicure.
  • Oh yes, and a fabulous gift bag, with some lovely beauty items, useful cooking ingredients, scarf, bag, a book, magazine and chocolate. I especially enjoyed the beauty products.

mumsnet blogfest 2014 crowd

The bad:
  •  I am being really honest here, but going as a new blogger, knowing hardly anyone, was a bit of a pain. The lunch time was painfully long. It of course would have been different had I actually gone to the conference with someone. As it stands, I ate my food, spoke to a few lovely bloggers, and tried to while away my time by walking around all the sponsor stands, entering competitions, eating macarons and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. 
  • Advanced social media session - perhaps I just wasn't advanced enough, but the session seemed quite rushed and I was left thinking how on earth would anyone have the time (or inclination) to do all of this if they were not full-time, professional bloggers with their own media helpers. 
  • Because I didn't really know anyone, I left pretty quickly after the event was finished, so to me it wasn't a very sociable event. I grabbed a glass of champers, walked around the bar to see if I did spot anyone, didn't, downed it, grabbed my gift bag and ran to the train. Which was alright to be honest, since it had been a long day, and all those cooing babies (during the conference, not the bar) were making me miss my own baby even more.
  • Let's face it, the tickets are expensive. Were they worth it - I guess so. Generally speaking, conferences do tend to be expensive, that's just how it goes. It is easier for me as I live in London, so at least I didn't have the added expense of train tickets or accommodation. 

mumsnet blogfest 2014 think bombs

As a whole, I thought it was a nice experience. Not amazing, but I had fun and I learned a lot. Would I go again? Yes, I probably would. Maybe it will be more enjoyable if next year I will actually know someone at the conference!

Did you go and what did you think?

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7 November 2014

Blogging goals: November 2014

So, last month I talked about my blogging goals, how to make goals SMART, and now it is time to see how well I fared, did I achieve what I set out to achieve and what goals I will make for next month.

My October 2014 blogging goals:
(Strikethrough the goals that have been met, and a bit of a tally in italics)
1) Increase the amount of unique visitors to +400. (1st Nov: Checked my Google Analytics - 480+, will try to double this again for the next month)
2) Have +250 Twitter followers. (1st Nov: Have about 200+ Twitter followers, to be honest, I think it feels a bit contrived to try to increase your followers, so won't be doing this again)
3) Do pages for my blog (About me, Subscribe, Linkies and blogs I love, and My best posts). (1st Nov: I finally did the about me and subscribe pages, and a few, but not all, of my favourite posts on one dedicated page) 
4) Write two features (or whatever you call them) to blog series - I love the Beginning of Us at RedHead BabyLed and Share Your Wedding at You Baby Me Mummy.
5) Regularly contribute to my current favourite linkies - those are The Ordinary Moments, Trendy Thursday and TT_Thursday, and The List. (I haven't been too bad on this front, have entered in most of them every week)
6) Try two new linkies - The Breasfeeding Diary at least once. (I tried Tasty Tuesdays, CookBlogShare, All About You, Brilliant Blogposts and PoCoLo linkies, but a bit disappointed I didn't write anything about breasfeeding, just been too busy I suppose)

So, overall, I don't think I did too bad, but in hindsight I overreached. The past month I ended up taking some extra responsibility at work, as the person who I was supposed to help manage a project left and I (eek!) ended up managing the project myself and being the go-to person for some of her old responsibilities. Great opportunity, but also been quite challenging and lots of learning involved. I also became a chair of a governing body committee at a school, which also is a great opportunity to learn some professional skills. So been pretty busy in terms of actual real work and there has been less time for play (e.g. to blog).

My November 2014 blogging goals:
1) Attend Blogfest and learn loads! (Btw, you get 15% off with bloggerfest code if you are looking to come)
2) Increase the amount of unique visitors to 800.
3) Improve the "look" of the blog - font, the annoying lines around the pages links, and I am sure there is something else I could improve.
4) Learn to use Pinterest (I recently got an account and it looks like so much fun! And handy way of keeping good ideas in one place).
5. Write about breasfeeding and finally link to The Breastfeeding Diary.
6. Get little icons for the social media links - text links look a bit bland don't they?
7. Write my first ever review (Easy Indian Supermeals cookbook for babies and toddlers - it is great by the way).

Do you have any blogging goals for November? Attending Blogfest? (If so please come and say hi to me! I don't know anyone going...).

And the pictures, they aren't really related to the content of the most in any way whatsoever, but I thought these little behind the scenes pictures from Halloween outfit photoshoot were just too cute to leave out... :)

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6 November 2014

Baby OOTD #11 - Instagramming away

This week I thought I'd revisit some old pictures from the last few months. I got my Instagram account about 7 months ago, and I love capturing those little everyday moments, and the occasional baby outfit picture too. So here is a little compilation of some of those outfits. 

It is so cute to revisit old pictures and see how she has grown. Some of these clothes are far too small on her now (snif) but some are still in her wardrobe (yae!). Love those sunnies - shame they belonged to another baby! The red dress in the top left hand corner is a gorgeous Ted Baker dress, with beautiful pleats, she got from her grandfather. The top right hand corner she is wearing a beautiful Benetton cardigan, which is by far our favourite outfit item she has ever had... So sad it is very tight and fitted now, so when she wears it she looks like she's stepped out of the 1970's...

My instagram account is here by the way, feel free to have a look. I don't really use it for blog promoting purposes, just sharing little snippets of my life, and pictures are mainly taken with my iPhone on the move.

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4 November 2014

Dreaming of Tenerife

"This is what I have always dreamed about", I said to my grandparents. I was five and we had just arrived at our hotel in Tenerife. It was my first trip abroad.

The memories I made on that trip have stayed with me ever since. Flying to Tenerife, the captain made an announcement on the plane - children could visit the captain in the cockpit. We peered in the dark cockpit from the cockpit entrance, admired the bright knobbles. The captain showed he could move the controls and tilt the plane, ever so slightly. It was exciting.

More memories were created in Tenerife. While driving to the top of volcano, we drove through a cloud and my grandparents stopped the car to let me feel and taste the cloud. It looked like white cotton candy from below. Inside the cloud, it was disappointingly grey and foggy. 

In the evening we would walk along the beach side in search of nice restaurants to eat at. In one of the restaurants a caged parrot was chattering and I inched closer and closer, wanting to pet it. When I was right next to its cage, it squawked, loud, scaring me away and back to my grandparents. The restaurant owner laughed, came and consoled me and gave us tickets to a water park.  

The hotel had a swimming pool, and I swam in it every day, for hours. I remember pretending to be a mermaid, diving to the bottom of the pool and holding my breath as long as I could and I remember my grandfather telling me the soles of my feet would get tanned because I was diving so often. I remember my grandfather calling me out of the water every hour, pretending to do an Indian war paint on my face with sunscreen, before rubbing it all in. He would then check between my toes and inform me that he could definitely see the beginnings of webbed toes appearing.

To me Tenerife is made of beautiful memories. To many, it might not be an exciting place to visit. It might not be a glamorous place to visit. But to me, it is a beautiful place with memories that happened in the past and memories to create in the future. And it is those memories of trying to lick a cloud, chance encounters with scary birds and friendly old men, and the clear blue waters to splash about I want to create with my own little family, right here, right now, 25 years later. 

Me, 25 years ago, very tanned after my holiday (the soles of my feet were normal though!)

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3 November 2014

Baked stuffed pumpkin - with cheddar sweet potato mash

baked stuffed pumpkin with sweet potato cheddar mash

baked stuffed pumpkin with cheddar sweet potato mash

Around this time of the year I get these little mini pumpkins as table decorations. After Halloween they are eaten, and these little munchkin pumpkins are delicious when stuffed with a cheesy sweet potato mash. I think the sweet flavour of pumpkin and sweet potato really compliment each other, and using strong mature cheddar adds a great flavour to the otherwise very simple recipe. You can also use larger, normal pumpkins for this recipe, just roast them a bit longer than the recipe calls for until they get soft in the inside.

Anyway, here is one of my favourite pumpkin recipes.

sweet potato and cheddar stuffed baked pumpkin


6 small pumpkins, the size of about 2 fists (or 1-2 larger pumpkins)
splash of olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 leek, finely chopped
3 medium to large sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped
200g strong mature cheddar, grated
fresh parsley (you can also use dried), finely chopped
salt and black pepper


Preheat your oven to 200 °C (180 °C fan). Prep the pumpkins by cutting a lid off them and then emptying them out of all the seeds and stringy bits. Don't discard the seeds though - you can easily roast them into a delicious snack (recipe coming up soon). Season the pumpkins with salt and black pepper, and rub olive oil all over the flesh. Don't forget the lids, they are a cute decoration and probably also have a nice amount of flesh in them. 

Put the pumpkins in the oven to roast for 45 minutes (larger pumpkins might need more time). While they are roasting you can prepare the stuffing. Fry the garlic in a splash of olive oil, then add leek and fry until soft. Add the sweet potatoes, and fill with boiling water, and let them cook until soft. Drain, and mash until smooth, and mix the cheddar and parsley in. Season with salt and black pepper.

Once the pumpkins have been roasting for 45 minutes, take them out of the oven, and fill with the sweet potato stuffing, and put back in the oven for another 15 minutes. To serve, garnish with sme parsley, and balance the lid back on.

I had these with some free-range pork chipolatas and homemade apple chutney, and they were delicious!

sweet potato cheddar stuffed baked pumpkin

2 November 2014

Our Halloween 2014

Our second Halloween as a family of three... The first Halloween we had a little skeleton in the house. This year I was umming and arring between three costume choices, and ended up with... the black kittycat! Thanks for the votes by the way, it did seem that kitty got the most votes, and in the end we thought it looked the cutest (while still Halloween-appropriate) of them all.
After dithering with the costume dilemma for a while, I quickly carved a little munchin pumpkin to act as our Jack O'Lantern to show the kids in the neighbourhood that we were partaking. Maybe it was too small though, as we probably had about 10 kids knocking on our door. Or maybe everyone was on a holiday somewhere far more exciting than North London during the half-term.

We did get trick or treaters, and we had loads of candy bars for them. Now we must eat them all ourselves (which on the other hand, is not too much of a bother...). We also had some Halloweeny donuts, yum.

I was a bit of a bad mummy, and a bad mummy blogger for completely forgetting to take my big camera out for the kittycat outfit. I took only a few pictures on my iPhone for Facebook purposes, and then just firmly parked myself near the door, guarding the candy jar from sneaky little (and big...) fingers.

Quite an ordinary Halloween, and I can't wait for my little one to grow so we can go trick or treating.

How was your Halloween?

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