30 December 2014

My year 2014 in review: Part 2 (Jul to Dec)

So, back to reviewing the year 2014. It was a busy year - at the beginning of the year I was on maternity leave, started a new job in April, celebrated my baby's first birthday in June. Lots of other things went on as well. Here is  my post about my 2014 in review (January to June).

July 2014

I was really busy with work in July, and it feels like I didn't do much other than that. I did go for a holiday in Finland and had a blast (even if hubby stayed in UK). We enjoyed the beautiful weather in Finland, ate out lots, and went to a jazz festival to listen to Bob Dylan. We took a picnic blanket and Aili boogied to Bob Dylan and loved it.

August 2014

15th August I wrote my first blog post on Wave to Mummy. Other than that, we enjoyed going for picnics at a nearby park, went to Lollibop festival, and I went for a business trip. It was the first night away from my baby, and I was a bit nervous how it would go. It went fine though, and I got to explore Antwerp a bit too.

September 2014

September was a lovely month. My dad was in London for work, so we met a few times. We went for a babyccino for the first time, and my baby called me "äiti" (mother in Finnish) for the first time. Bilingualism, here we come! Other than that, I wrote about how much time blogging takes and why I am OK with putting pictures of my little one on my blog.

October 2014

October we were struck down, one after another... Tummy bugs. The rest of the month was all about Halloween, and pondering which of the three Halloween outfit choices we would have. We visited a local farm for the National Apple Day (who knew there was one?) and I wrote a post about how to take better pictures of your child.

November 2014

I turned 31 in November! It was a weekday and I spent it at work - but I did leave early so we could have a nice meal home. On the weekend we celebrated it at Nanny's with a small birthday bash. Blogging-wise November was a big month and I went to a blogging conference (Blogfest) which was pretty interesting. I also did my first review and giveaway

December 2014

December was all about Christmas and Christmassy things... We went to see Santa at Harrods and had great fun, visited Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, and went to Finland for another holiday, this time the whole family. Our little one played in snow for the first time. We had quite a lot of trouble taking our Christmas card pictures, and finally managed to get a decent picture, but it was just for email and Facebook, as we didn't have time to print anything.

My favourite post of the month was about the time our newborn featured in Call the Midwife Christmas episode. Addition to that, I decided to start a new linky called "My monthly roundup" in the New Year, so hopefully it will get some links ;)

And that is it for the year 2014. Lots of firsts, new job, new blog, lovely little holidays, lots of events, and spending time with friends and family. What a great year - I hope many more like this to come!

I hope you had a wonderful year too!

29 December 2014

My year 2014 in review: Part 1 (Jan to Jun)

I thought it would be nice to do a little review of my year 2014 and look back at what happened during the year. It always feels like time passes so fast, and you forget the little details, what you did and and when, and where you went. I did have quite a whirlwind of a year, so here goes...

January 2014

My little monkey turned seven months at the beginning of January. She had learned to stand upright at six months, and this month she learned how to cruise. What an advanced baby we thought! We enjoyed the beautiful weather and took loads of walks out. Before Christmas I got two job offers, so at the beginning of January I was pondering which to go for after I would finish my maternity leave. 

At the end of the month I went to see my family in Finland, and I stayed there for two weeks, so part of February was spent there too. It was cold, and there was lots of snow, and we enjoyed going out for winter walks and seeing family over there. 

February 2014

In February we were busy attending baby swimming classes - that was our baby hobby thing. We did Born to Swim classes, and our baby went all the way through to advanced baby course, e.g. the Goldfish course later in the year. In February I think we were still doing the Angelfish course, which is intermediary. It was great fun, and I have recommended their classes to all mummy friends. 

In addition to baby swimming, on Valentine's Day I cooked us a three course meal. I am not exactly a Nigella in the kitchen, but managed to cook us a lovely meal of bruschetta, moules mariniere, and pannacotta. I spent a lot of time meeting other mummy friends, and we went to a christening of one of our NCT group babies. I had decided on the job I'd take in January, and in February I went to meet my new colleagues and have a chat with my line manager.

March 2014

March was quite a busy month, and I spent quite a lot of time with friends - meeting our NCT buddies, having other friends over, and popping over to the Ideal Home Show to see another friend who had a stall there (she was selling Nordeck garden chairs). Our little one tasted ice cream for the very first time and hated it with a passion. In terms of baby development, in the space of a few weeks during March, our baby got four new teeth. Lots of difficult nights...

The most important day of the month was of course our my first ever Mother's Day. Apparently our little one chose this orchid for me, by looking at the flowers after my husband asked her what should we get for mummy. We also had a massive growth of mold in our bedroom, so while the room had to be renovated, I stayed at the in-laws on the countryside and had lots of country walks, checking out the swans and ducks. 

April 2014

April time was really busy. We went to see rugby (my first ever rugby match) at Twickenham. Aili and my husband did a cute little birthday card for Nanny, and some family friends from Spain visited London. 14.4 our baby took her very first steps... And I missed it! (Not to worry, she soon repeated them in front of me). 

Around Easter time my family from Finland came over to London, and we did the touristy thing, and visited pretty much all the sights in London. We spent a fair bit of time at Greenwich (absolutely beautiful), cruised along Thames and ate at Borough Market. And lots of other things too. After Easter my I finished my maternity leave and began a new job. 

May 2014

After lots of busy months May was quite chilled. I was mainly at work, and incredibly tired with trying to get accustomed to working again (and in a new place in a new job) and dealing with frequent night-time disturbances (that's what having a baby does to you). On the weekends we tried to do fun stuff. Some of the nice things were a picnic with our NCT buddies, and making sushi. For years I had been promising to make hubby some sushi and use my sushi-rolling skills (I used to work in a Japanese restaurant before we met), and I finally made some. 

June 2014

June was a BIG month for us, as our little one turned one year. On the birthday we took some pictures of her in her red birthday dress, and gave her her own cake. She was a bit suspicious at first and it took us trying it before she tasted it. And oh boy, did she like it! On the weekend we had a proper big birthday bash at Nanny's.

We popped by a garden exhibition to see those same garden chair exhibiting friends again, enjoyed the outdoors at Hamstead Heath, and visited one of our NCT friends in Cambridge - it was such a lovely month, and it felt like most of the month it was a beautiful and warm weather. June was another pretty busy month, and work was getting quite busy too... 

And here is my July to December 2014 review. I thought it would be a bit too much to have it in just one post...

27 December 2014

NEW LINKY: My Monthly Roundup

Roundups are fun to read. They are fun to write as well - going back a month, or a year, and then thinking about what you have done, achieved and lived through. It brings back memories and helps you to remember what went on and when. It is so easy to forget the little moments and little everyday events when you live a hectic life, out and about, with a busy family and work life. 

With that in mind, I have decided to start "My Monthly Roundup" linky. I thought it would be fun to read roundups from other people too - I love hearing those little stories of what has been going on. So the idea about the linky is really simple - link up a roundup of your previous month. Be that what you have done, what you have achieved, or where you've been. Maybe even crafts you have done, your best blog posts, your Instagram pictures, the books you've read, your favourite things of the month, whatever. As long as it is about the previous month. 

I will put the linky up on 2nd of each month, starting from Jan 2015. Please join, I think it will be fun! My previous roundups are under the tag my monthly roundup.

Quick introduction to "My Monthly Roundup" linky:

1. Linky will go live on 2nd of each month. First time in 2nd January 2015. 
2. Please grab my badge or link back to me if you join the linky. Would be lovely if you could share the love and comment on other linkers too. 
3. Tweet me your entry and I will retweet. @wavetomummy and #mymonthlyroundup
4. I will pin your post to my Pinterest board "My Monthly Roundup".
5. I will comment on each post linked. 
6. Your round-up can be anything, as long as it is a roundup of the previous month. I do a round-up of what I have done, usually my Instagram or what I have been doing. But if you prefer something else, do a round-up of your crafts, achievements, best blog posts, whatever.

P.S. I gotta say, choosing between roundup, round up and round-up was driving me nuts. I ended up going for roundup as it is easier to write.  

P.P.S. For the first linky, as it it January, I will be linking My 2014 in Review posts - please join in and link up with your 2014 review posts! Still fits the theme I think :)

Wave to Mummy My Monthly Roundup

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26 December 2014

First time playing in snow

We were lucky and got to enjoy some snow this Christmas (as we are in Finland). And of course, we went out to play as soon as there was a little smattering of snow. 

Our little one has already experienced snow. A bit more than a year ago we visited Finland right before Christmas, and it snowed. She was too little to go out and play in snow back then, being just six months old, so stayed in her pram just looking at snowflakes dancing around her. Now, a year later, we let her loose. 

It was exciting. It was cold. And it was a bit wet too. Maybe tasty too, I am sure I saw someone licking her snowy gloves... 

I made her a little snowman. I thought it would be so cute, her playing with the snowman. Alas, she was far more interested in running around a pile of planks and knocked over our little snowman without casting a second glance on it.

Doesn't it look lovely - a baby making snow angels? Not quite what happened here though... As mummy was getting cold, frozen to the core, she tried to gently push her daughter towards the cottage. "Let's get inside, get a cup of hot chocolate and get warm", she said. And if the baby did know how to reply back she would have said something like "NO, nononononono, NO, no mummy, NO". Instead of saying that, she threw herself on the snowy ground, face first, until she realised that was probably not the most comfortable position to be in, and turned on her back.

It started snowing again, and it looked magical. I do love it when it snows. I loved capturing the falling snowflakes, it looks so pretty. After we went back in, it kept snowing, and in the end there must have been about 4 inches of fresh snow, ready for play the next morning.

Happily, all tantrums were forgotten after a nice gift from mummy - a snowball to squish and destroy. 

(And mummy did get inside, finally!). 

Have you had a chance to play in snow?

#CountryKids / #MagicMoments


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25 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

What is Christmas made of? 
The scent of mulling spices, 
the brandy cream melting on the side of a steaming hot Christmas pudding, 
and the champagne for breakfast. 
It is made of the excited shrieks you hear 5AM from the kids rooms, 
the tiny little pitter-patter of feet running to see if Santa ate his cookies, 
and the giddy laughter after too many Quality Street chocolates. 
It is made of the scent of the pine tree, 
the glass ornaments twinkling in the candle light, 
and the angel winking at the top of the tree. 
It is made of laughter, happiness and love.
I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy, live and love!

22 December 2014

Our Christmas card photoshoot 2013

We did finally manage to take a Christmas card photo for this year. It was tough though. There was a terrible light most of the time, lots of things going on so we didn't have the time to properly wait for a good opportunity, and then all of us got ill, one after the other. A speedy Gonzales for a toddler didn't help matters. But we did get the picture, after three separate photography sessions...

But before I share our Christmas card 2014 (it's here btw), let's go back a year to our 2013 photoshoot. It was much easier - I was on maternity leave, so had plenty of time to wait for the "good light" and had a 6 month old baby who only crawled.

We gave her a little prop -  a felt apple I bought ages ago from a Christmas market. Her little elf's hat is Marimekko, and I was quite happy to see it still fits, so she is wearing it in the 2014 Christmas card too. Yae!

I did love this picture, but in the end we didn't use it for the card. There were plenty other ones as well that we loved and here is a selection of the best ones.

There were plenty of silly faces being pulled. While we absolutely loved the funny faces, we thought a slightly more traditional card would be best. One where our little one would look like an exceptionally cute elf.

This one above is the face we call "Aili for the next President of the World" face. No, it didn't make the card either.

The one above, where she is chewing her fingers was the one we were for quite a while thinking might make the eventual card. It is just so cute, so babyish, and I absolutely loved it. It was a favourite of mine. We thought about it long and hard, but eventually decided to go for something more traditional... And the final choice was.... The picture below. 

Our little Christmas Elf of 2013! 

What did you think of the picture? Did we make the right choice?

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21 December 2014

We are off to - Christmas 2014 holiday!

Wednesday last week I wrote my last few emails, set up on OOO message saying I would be back in New Year, and packed our bags, and off we went. On Thursday it was Heathrow, airplane, missing the connecting flight, staying in a hotel overnight, getting the next morning flight, and finally we got to where we were supposed to be the day before - at my parents house in Finland.

While we are here I am looking forward to eating tasty Finnish delicatessen (think reindeer meat, cured fish, and lots of gorgeous pastries and biscuits). We will overdose on coffee (which is like a national drink in Finland - the average Finn drinks about a 1.2 liters a day of the black stuff) and enjoy sitting in front of the toasty fireplace. We are also hoping for a white Christmas, bu sadly it is starting to look like it might not happen. 

The pictures are from 2012. That was the last time we were in Finland for Christmas and I was still pregnant with our little one. We have made an unofficial pact in that every other Christmas we spend in UK, and every other in Finland. This way we both get to experience a "proper Christmas" (you know, because a Christmas in any other country than the country of your childhood just isn't quite the same...). It is a nice system to have I think and I am looking forward to our child learning about two different cultures and getting two different experiences of Christmas. It really is a magical time, Christmas, with so many fun traditions, and at the same time, these are the ordinary memories that make us who we are.

Christmas of 2013, our first Christmas as a family, we were in UK celebrating it with my husbands family in Essex. But Christmas of 2014 is a Finnish Christmas, and I am quite looking forward to seeing how my little one will react to all the fun traditions here. One amazingly fun thing we do in Finland is having the Santa knock on the door on Christmas Eve, and coming in for a tipple, with his sack of gifts. As a kid, it was always so annoying that daddy would miss Santa every single Christmas Eve, as he had to pop down the shops to get milk or something else small. 

A Christmas tree from our own bit of woods - OK, it ain't great, but it was cut down by us!

Michael Buble - the best Xmas album!

While we are here, and during the holiday period, I will be updating a few little bits and bobs, doing a couple of posts, but will take it easy. I sort of want to do loads, as I actually have time unlike during the normal working week, but then, it would be nice to have a proper holiday too, with minimal internet time. I think majority of you might be with me in that regard. So have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy and relax! Blog a little and live a lot!

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18 December 2014

Baby OOTD #16 - Bunny booties

I am starting to wonder if I should change the name of this blog series to Toddler OOTD. Because there is really no way you can call this independent, stroppy little lady a baby (although I do, and I think I still will for about... 18 years or so). 

rjr john rocha baby dress
Dress: RJR. Rocha at Debenhams, Boots: Clarks 

Anyway, this is what she wore last weekend when we went to celebrate Christmas in advance at Nanny's. We are going away for Christmas, so wanted to have a little time together before we go away.  

She loves running around the garden, around the bushes, into the glass houses, peeking in baskets and flower pots. Running around, rooting around and getting all muddy. IT is a shame nanny has no chicken anymore - Aili would have absolutely loved them (and they probably would have been absolutely terrified of an excitedly shrieking little toddler).

clarks bunny boots baby iva hop fst

The boots are so lovely - we got these Clarksbunny boots recently, and they are just the cutest little bunnies.  The cutest thing of all - at the back, there is a little bunny tail. You can sort of see it in the pictures - I was having trouble capturing them as she kept on running away, heh. You can see better pictures of what I mean on the link. 

Here the boots are a little bit wet after running around the garden, but they dried pretty quickly and didn't stain. The dress is another cute recent purchase, from the RJR. John Rocha range from Debenhams. I quite like John Rocha, but I never knew they do baby clothing. Debenhams seems to have quite a cool range of kids designer clothes - I think some of them must be exclusive to Debenhams as I haven't seen them anywhere else. 

 And off she goes again!

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17 December 2014

Our baby, the TV star

This Christmas, when you turn on the telly and get transported to 1960's Poplar, maybe you will remember bits of the 2013 Call the Midwife Christmas special. I know I have seen that a few times, and remember one scene perfectly clearly... The scene where our baby made her very first TV-appearance.

When the video hits 0:29, that is our baby. 11 days old. On BBC. And what a performance! She was the most perfect newborn actress, waking up and nodding off at the precise moment.

It was quite random how we ended up getting into Call the Midwife. When I was at a check-up at our local hospital a few weeks before giving birth I saw a flyer looking for newborns for TV-series. So I signed her up in advance of her birth, thinking it would be something fun and special to do.

Daddy teaching her the script

When we got to the Call the Midwife filming location we were met straightaway by a midwife. She was quite funny and introduced herself as a midwife, "a proper NHS one, not an actor" assuring us that she delivered her last baby only a weekend ago and that we and our baby would be in capable hands during filming. 

Mummy getting the little TV star ready for her close-up

We got to watch the filming from the screens in the room next door, assured that the "proper NHS" midwife was always at an arm's length away from our baby, ready to take her and soothe her if anything would happen. To be honest, she dozed through most of the filming, but she did wake up for that final take, opening her eyes at the perfect moment and looked at her actress-mom before yawning a little and falling asleep again. The producer sitting with us had a massive smile on her face and made the "perfect sign" with both her hands. It was such a great take.

Coincidentally, her TV birth was the same type of a birth we had in real life (forceps) which I found quite amusing. Talk about a coincidence!

She did another scene as well, doubling up as another baby for stock footage I think. We got to chat with Jenny Agutter afterwards as well, who was lovely and came to say hi to us after filming. It was just as I was breastfeeding my little one, so didn't talk for too long and can't actually remember what we even talked about. My husband was chuffed to bits about meeting her, and found it funny she introduced herself because apparently "of course we know she was Jenny Agutter".

Our little one was also featured in the ITV drama series Breathless, starring Jack Davenport, in another newborn role. She was more of a drama queen during that shoot, crying her eyes out during the filming and then promptly pooping on my Ugg boots, jeans and everywhere... Funny afterwards, not at the time, but maybe that is a story for another time. Sadly she didn't get as much screen time on that drama, but we do have it in our private records.

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