21 May 2021

Why visit the Science Museum with kids in 2021?

We visited Science Museum in London right before the second lockdown. It is a fantastic place to take your kids to, lots of interactive features and almost all of it free. Prior to going I did however wonder how is it currently, how do the current restrictions work and is it corona-safe, so wanted to share my 2020 and 2021 experience with you guys. 

kids at science museum exhibitions

brass steel and fire exhibition science museum

kids at brass steel and fire exhibition

two kids making a stethoscope craft

Why you should visit the Science Museum with kids

This is a huge museum, with several floors and massive exhibitions. Some of the highlights for me were
  • Exploring Space: space equipment on the ground floor, like the full-size replica of the lander Armstrong and Aldrin had in 1969, an actual descent module from another space mission, and many more space things;
  • Mathematics: Winton Gallery on the Level 2 - a really fantastic exhibition and a fantastic place to take photos with a funky pink background (bloggers' gotta do what bloggers' do I suppose...);
  • Free activities for kids! There was the Pattern Pod (kids under 8), a fun interactive exhibition for kids with lots of video and electronics interactivity and the Garden (best for ages 3-6) with water play and other equipment.
  • Wonderlab - this is a paid for activity, spread over several zones and where you can interact with scientific experiments. I'd say best for 4 years or older. 3 and under are free. 
  • Fun and free workshops and shows for kids - during weekends and half-term usually. For example we did a functional stethoscope the last time. 
And obviously - it is a great place to visit as an adult without kids, you'll probably just not have quite as much interactive fun and will be more enjoying learning aspect and awesome huge exhibitions. 

How to get tickets?

I've found that since the museum is massive, it is quite easy to get tickets even with the current restrictions, BUT, if you want to get tickets to the interactive bits for kids, you HAVE TO be organised. They go very quick, and you have to book them well in advance, possibly even a month if you are planning a weekend date. 

When you book your tickets to the museum, it will also ask you if you want to book a free 20 minute slot to Pattern Pod, and to the Garden - make sure you do if you are bringing kids. 

For Wonderlab, you need to book separately and if you book for a visit before the 16th July 2021 you get an annual pass for the price of a day pass. At the time of writing all weekend slots are fully booked a month in advance so be quick. You will also need to book general entry tickets to the museum in addition to Wonderlab. 

All slots are timed so don't be late!

pattern pod entrance at science museum

dad and child at pattern pod science museum

kid at pattern pod exhibition

kid at pattern pod video show

What we thought of the safety measures

The ground floor was very very busy, but if you went up a level or two it got really very empty, so I'd definitely recommend that for added social distancing. There were definite gems on upper levels too. 

The entrance was very handy, all touch free and you could easily scan your tickets on your own. Lots of spaces for hand sanitisers. Everything was very clean, and employees cleaned the children's interactive bits (Pattern Pod and Garden) thoroughly between the sessions. 

And a little tip...

Natural History Museum (fantastic for kids!) and the Victoria and Albert Museum (better for teens and adults) are literally next door, like literally. It is just a couple minutes a walk from exit of one museum to the entrance of another, so if you want to maximise your time, book an additional museum visit. Natural History Museum tickets are being booked like hotcakes though so again, you need to be pretty prepared well in advance in these strange social distancing corona-times where space is limited.  

My top tips:
  • Upper floors are emptier, less people and less hustle and bustle. 
  • Book tickets well ahead of time if you want to go to Pattern Pod, The Garden or Wonderlab! They sell out quick, Wonderlab weeks in advance for weekends.
  • If you book a visit to happen before 16th July 2021, you can get the annual pass to Wonderlab for the price of a day entry
  • Half term usually means extra activities - last time we made a functional stethoscope!
  • If you have time, consider getting tickets also to Natural History Museum or Victoria and Albert Museum - they are literally next door to the Science Museum
  • South Kensington Station (closest to the museums) is closed for Piccadilly line until March 2022 - but you can still reach it with Circle or District. 

Have you been to the Science Museum with kids?

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ticket entrance to science museum london

floating earth in science museum

challenger descent module at science museum

mathematics gallery at science museum

mathematics gallery at science museum london

kid posing at science museum

Why visit London Science Museum with kids - best tips on what to do and see from 2021 onwards

Best tips for visiting London Science Museum with kids in 2021 and onwards

How to make the most of your visit to the Science Museum in London and kids

How London Science Museum is like in 2021, and how safe is it to visit with corona restrictions

19 May 2021

What I've been up to in 2021 during my blogging break

Well hasn't it been a while!

While internet will never miss one woman, I've missed writing my blog. But alas, time (or rather, the lack of it) is the issue. So I took a somewhat unplanned five month blog break. I've been more active over on my Instagram, which is a bit quicker and easier to update. 

mum and daughters at kew gardens with pink blooms

During that blog break I have been, and we have been busy. In that time we have done lots of big house renovations - a roof replacement, two sky lights put in, windows replaced, house exterior painted, a total bathroom renovation with new pipes put in, oh, and a new boiler. There are still some small niggling issues to sort in the house and after they have been sorted the next renovation plan is to tackle the garage and garden. I am very much looking forward to all of this finishing as it is a major pain in the arse and disruptive in every way possible. While living in a period house has its moments, it is a lot of hard work. 

There was of course homeschooling too during the third lockdown. Less said about that the better ha ha! 

Now that places are again opening up I have been busy booking us all kinds of places. Our Saturdays are fully booked until July actually - and I've already booked a few August and Christmas things too! Museums, English Heritage places, weekend trips, art exhibitions - all kinds. Feeling like I may have gone a bit overboard after being limited to our Local Authority area too long, nice and green that it is, I have still missed going to the Big Smoke. 

Now that I am finally back here writing, which to be honest, I really have missed, I'm looking forward to writing about all the things we are starting to get up to, as well as finally finishing the dozens and dozens of drafts I have lingering in my folders... 

And if I do manage to get to the bottom of my draft bin you might find some very non-current content such as the monthly baby development pictures I took of my now three year old daughter that I was meant to publish and then, just never did. We shall see! On more current things there is our visit to the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Sky Garden, Wrest Park, Audley End and so on, so on - all lovely places and fun days out I'd love to share!

family photo at kew gardens

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