20 May 2016

Toddler OOTD #39 - A flower girl

A few weeks ago we were celebrating the wedding of an old friend where our daughter had the very important task of being the flower girl...

toddler wedding flower girl with antique vintage grecian flower crown

Oh, how she loved it. She loved her special dress made by nanny, her sparkly shoes, her flower crown and her flowers, and her bucket for the petals. She loved having her hair done. Safe to say, it was probably one of the highlights of her life. She undertook her tasks seriously, and performed under pressure, bless. Even now, weeks afterwards, she sometimes talks about being a flower girl. Big day for a little girl. 

toddler wedding flower girl with antique vintage grecian flower crown

Her dress was made in the wedding colours, white and pink. It was a bit of a chilly day so the bride had bought all the bridesmaids and her matching white cardigans. Good thing too, as we didn't have anything white and warm for her to wear. The flowers and the flower crown had an antique, perhaps a bit of a Grecian theme going on. They were gorgeous. 

pink lace dress by fenn wright manson

My dress was by Fenn Wright Manson (one of my favourite brands), and while gorgeous, gosh aren't those delicate lace-type dresses just impossible with toddlers. She loved poking her fingers through them, and pulling them, and clumsy me got the tangled in every single zipper and velcro I came across...  I think I will need a help of a good seamstress!

toddler wedding flower girl white pink dress with antique vintage grecian flower crown

What did you think of the outfits? Are you going to any weddings this summer?

17 May 2016

Our kitchen blackboard wall

When we were renovating our house there were a few little design features I insisted on. One was matching encaustic grey-scale patchwork tiles for our hallway and hearth. The other was a giant blackboard wall in our kitchen.

Ever since seeing blackboard walls in interior magazines a few years back I've dreamed of one. I've seen some great ideas to use blackboard paint on, including painting the side of your cupboards, painting a strip on a wall and framing it, and painting a one side of a pillar. Anything would have done it for me to be honest, but since we now own our own home I thought why not make a statement and have a great big black wall. 

Now we have it, and it has finally been conditioned and ready to go. I think it looks stunning in our kitchen. The black matches our grey-scale kitchen, and it just works. It creates a nice background in the kitchen and visually it is a strong element in the house.

The only improvement I would have  for it would have been to have it magnetised with a magnetic plaster. I came up with the idea sadly too late though - the same day it had been plastered over with a normal plaster. It might not be too late though - eventually (read: when we win the lottery) we plan to knock through that wall and do a little extension to work as a utilities room. And when that happens, magnetic plaster and blackboard paint will be used to repair the damage. 

mummy and daughter drawing a heart on a blackboard

Now we just have to come up with what to use this blackboard wall for. Weekly menus? Toddler art? Little love messages? All of those? We are looking forward to re-decorating it for my daughter's birthday soon! 

What would you use a blackboard wall for?

6 May 2016

Toddler OOTD #38 - Wearing mummy's Missoni beanie

I often feel like my monkey chops aka. my daughter is far better dressed than I am. She has way bigger wardrobe than I have and she is often sporting some gorgeous designs and brands too. If our wardrobes could speak mine would say how proud it is of all the thrifty finds from high street shops, and hers would mention the cheeky shopping trip to Selfridges... 

She is quite a trendy little madam for a two year old, ha ha. She was insistent in getting sunglasses as soon as she saw some in the shop. She tried several pairs and wanted them all... So I chose her one pair I think will go with most of her stuff. She is also insistent on wearing my Missoni beanie, so I never get a look in now. She does look better with it than I do so I suppose it's alright!

toddler girl pink ralph lauren down jacket missoni beanie

toddler girl pink ralph lauren down jacket missoni beanie sunnies

toddler girl pink nike sneakers

Beanie: Missoni / Down jacket: Ralph Lauren / Sneakers: Nike / Sunglasses&leggings small shops

Quite recently we were visiting Finland, where it was a lot colder than it was over here in UK. We even wore winter jackets at one point!  I am quite thankful that it is getting a lot warmer now and it feels like the summer is coming again. It is time to take the winter jackets to dry cleaners now, pack them away with all the thick woolly jumpers, and start digging out all those floaty summer dresses and skimpy shirts! My daughter will be thrilled - dresses are her favourite things to wear. And at least in the summer I won't have to share my dwindling wardrobe with her... Although, she has taken a bit of a liking to my scarves recently!

Are you looking forward to the summer time outfits too?

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2 May 2016

My Monthly Roundup - April 2016

As usual I share a bit of my life from the past month, and a few of my Instagram snaps. April was a lovely month. The beginning of the month was crazy busy, I was beavering away to submit a big piece of work at my job. It had taken ages and a few late nights. But finally it was done, submitted, reviewed, and apparently "really well written". I was pretty relieved that I got to get it off my table right before swanning off for a holiday!

A big part of my April was spent in Finland. We went there on a nearly two week holiday to see family and friends. It was lovely. We did see some friends, and we spent a lot of time with family, and most of all, relaxed at the country side. Just what you need from a holiday!

By the way, my daughter is a real flying enthusiast, and absolutely loves planes and flying (I am not that enthused about it, you know, thinking of the ensuing death in a fiery ball shooting towards earth...). She loves it though. And she is a great flier too for a toddler - pretty much after each flight someone comes up to us and congratulates what a happy and cheerful little miss she is. I've written previously a few tips of my own on how to fly with a baby, and what to pack for a toddler for a flight, but I should probably do a new post about flying with a toddler! 

Once we got back, we went to a friends wedding where my daughter was the flower girl. The greatest responsibility a two-year old has ever known I suppose. But in a true toddler-style, she managed to score herself a black eye just two days before the grand event... That always happens with toddlers doesn't it!

Do you guys have Instagram accounts? And how was your April? Come say hi to me on Instagram!

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