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Is London Dungeons OK for kids? Reviewing the experience and scare factor!

We went to the London Dungeons - me for the first time since late 90's and my eight year old for the first time ever. My my has it changed! So I wanted to share a quick review of London Dungeons here, as well as explain how scary and/or appropriate it is for kids.  Firstly, what did London Dungeons include as an experience? London Dungeons is a theatrical experience.  The actors introduce you to the bits of history or lore of London's gruesome past.  It is dark, and has sensory experiences with smells and jump scares, but it isn't a horror or a scare experience and actors won't touch you.  The style reminds me of it's next-door neighbour,  Shrek's Adventure , but as an edgy teenage-version. You  start with a ride (The Tyrant Boat Ride), and then get taken to series of rooms where actors await you. You  are led through a loose storyline, from room to a room, and there was even the same type of a mirror maze as at Shrek's Adventure. But it is all of course spo

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