28 April 2015

Our old and new home

It has been a busy busy week... In real life, not in blog life. And the reason for that is that we are about to buy a home. Our very first home. 

The last week we have spent much of the time going through different paperwork, calling our solicitors, signing papers, sending deposits, worrying, getting excited, planning... We put in an offer in late February and are now just about to exchange contracts. We are hoping that we will get the house keys in May. 

It will be sad to leave our current home behind. This is the house we brought our little girl home to when she was but three days old. This is the house we popped open a bottle of champagne when I graduated from my MSc. This is the house we moved into as carefree students, and will leave as grown-up parents. 

I don't have many pictures of this home, but oh how many memories are between these four walls...

Our current home holds so many memories. Happy memories, sad memories, late nights, early mornings. We have put a lot of hard graft into this place, turning it into a lovely little home. The day we leave here, we will leave with mixed feelings. On the one hand, sadness at having to close one door behind us, and excitement to open a brand new door in front of us. A new door into our new home, with space to do what we want and mold the house into what we want. 

So come May (or perhaps June, I certainly hope not July), expect to see plenty of renovation and home decor posts here in this blog, as that is all we will be doing. 

In our new (hopefully ours soon) home. 

17 April 2015

Meeting and feeding reindeer in Lapland

While we were in Lapland on our ski holiday, we got to meet and greet Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Well, several of them. And feed them lichen too (that's their favourite food). 

toddler feeding reindeer

I had a day off from snowboarding and we went to see reindeer and fed them too. It was a perfect little activity to do with a toddler who is still too young to ski and sledge - seeing some animals was great fun for her. 

levi lapland

reindeer lapland levi

toddler feeding reindeer

We had bought a bag of lichen for the reindeer. The feeding area had just one of the reindeer milling about, but as soon as the other reindeer cottoned on to their favoured yum-yums being on the menu we suddenly got more furry friends.

toddler feeding reindeer

reindeer lapland

feeding reindeer lichen

reindeer snout

My little girl made me so proud. Fearless, she grabbed a piece of lichen and pushed it straight towards the reindeer's nose. I have to admit that I was quite worried they would bite my hand, and worse, would bite her. The reindeer were however very gentle. Even if our toddler didn't actually manage to feed them (she dropped the lichen and the reindeer quickly gobbled it up), it probably would have been absolutely safe. 

toddler feeding reindeer

toddler feeding reindeer

I fed the reindeer lots, and took loads of pictures of my little girl with her furry buddies. Should have taken a video too, but maybe next time - I am already planning our second ski holiday!

Toddler OOTD #22 - Like dressed in the dark

I love trying to dress my little daughter in cute outfits - co-ordinated and nice things. Lately it has been really difficult. I've had difficulties dressing her before, but not quite the same way.

We have been battling the effects of a recent trip abroad, the never-ending laundry cycle, a terrible twos emerging, and perhaps mostly, the busyness that comes with trying to buy a house which has made everything else take a back burner. Such as doing the laundry, organising clothes, and colour-coordinating outfits. I guess that is just called prioritisation ;)

smiling toddler polarn o pyret dress with pearls

For this Easter outfit we literally took the first things we found from the closet. And the ensuing combination looks like, well, exactly that. I found it quite amusing that the outfit is essentially like three different parts from three different outfits - none actually go together. I did want to share it nonetheless because I think the dress is exceptionally cute. 

polarn o pyret dress with pearls
Bunny boots: Clarks Iva Hop Fst (25% off)

Such is life sometimes I guess - not always perfect, and sometimes you look like you got dressed in the dark.

What do you think of the dress? And do you sometimes struggle with dressing your child nicely?

14 April 2015

Our ski holiday in Levi, Lapland

Just a few weeks ago we were in Lapland. It was freezing (literally, it was minus 20 °C when we got there). Compared to the sunny and warm spring time London, that was a huge change!

We loved it. Our primary objective in Lapland was to do some skiing and to spend some family time with my folks. We flew in from London and they drove up to Lapland from Southern Finland where they reside. The journey was long, for all of us, but it was worth it. Lapland is just such a beautiful place, with so many things to do and to experience, and the town we went to (Levi) is a nice little ski town with a very nice ski centre. 

During our holiday we did some shopping. We had a long wait at the airport in Helsinki. To pass the time we ended up going to the shops and walked out fully kitted to the arctic conditions, with a proper thick down-filled winter parkas for both of us. They came in quite handy I can tell you! We didn't really buy much anything else except some ski wear in the resort - they had great sales going on there too at the end of the season. 

We ate out lots, and had a blast on the slopes. Nearly every day we would be out on the slopes, my husband skiing and me snowboarding, and my parents spent time with our daughter. It was lovely for them to be able to spend some quality time with her, and us having a bit of adult time too.

The skiing was lovely - the slopes were in generally good condition and there were plenty of different slopes and levels to choose from. Apart from skiing we didn't actually do much. I did go with my little one and my mum to feed reindeer (lichen, their favourite food), and we visited an exhibition about the native Sami people, but that is it. While there were plenty of things to do from husky rides, to snow scooter safaris and Northern Lights spotting, by afternoon were usually so knackered that was it for us for the rest of the day. 

While we did have a great holiday, not everything went swimmingly. 
Now, I have to tell you, I've been snowboarding for years. I had my first snowboard when I was 10 and have done two seasons in Chamonix. I don't usually wear a helmet as I am pretty proficient and like to ride chilled, in control. Doing my turns, enjoying the scenery... Which was what I was doing when someone slammed into me from behind, leaving me with a head injury and a whiplash. I felt pretty dizzy the following day and it too me a day to recover. It could have been much worse though. Thankfully it wasn't. 

Now I do have a helmet! Just in case someone rams me again... I am pretty sure of my own skills, unfortunately you can't be of others. 

I'll write a bit more about Levi and Lapland as a place to do some skiing later, tips and things to do and so on. I hope we will get to go there again sometime!

7 April 2015

Our first ever Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter we had our first ever Easter Egg Hunt. Our little one is still just 22 months, and doesn't understand anything about Easter or Easter Eggs. She does understand everything about chocolates though and loves them... 

We hadn't planned on any Hunts, but as her older cousins had one at Nanny's garden she tagged along like a big girl.

easter egg hunt toddler

easter egg hunt toddler

easter egg hunt toddler

easter egg hunt toddler

First she helped hide the Easter Eggs. I was so proud how well she was helping her Auntie along. Picking up the little Lindt Mini Eggs and dropping them in the garden shrubbery with shrieks of joy. Under neath the trees, in the bushes, on the grass, everywhere. And picked them up again, and threw them on the ground again. As you do. 

easter egg hunt toddler

After some of the older cousins got a head start she got into looking for the Eggs too. I do have to admit, she was more interested in picking up a single Lindt Mini Egg and scooting it around the garden with a trolley than eating it or finding any more. She was also particularly keen on hiding that said Egg in the boot of a little tricycle. But she did find a few of them (with a little help from me) and proceeded to hide all of her newly-found treasures in the tricycle boot. Bless. 

easter egg hunt toddler lindt mini eggs sharing

easter egg hunt toddler lindt sharing eggs

easter egg hunt toddler sharing eggs

Her older cousins did graciously divide the spoils of the Egg hunt and give her her fair share. Which I do have to admit, were mostly eaten by Mummy later that day. She is just 22 months, it would be terrible to give her too much chocolate, wouldn't it? (It's much better Mummy sacrifices herself... Isn't it?)

Next year when she understands Easter a bit better, and is probably as much of a chocolate-fiend as her mother, I bet our Easter Egg Hunt is going to be quite an event. I am already looking forward to it - it will be so much fun!

Did you have an Easter Egg Hunt and how did it go?

3 April 2015

10 things to do in London with a toddler

I have decided to start a new blog feature - London with toddlers. Once a month, a family-friendly place or thing to do in London, and I've thought of ten different places I think are good for toddlers.

I've lived in London for about eight years now. I used to live in central London and loved visiting all the sights and just walking around. Now, living in the outskirts of London, with a toddler in tow, we rarely venture to see the sights. Toddler, buggy, public transport. Too. Much. Effort. Sitting in the train, commuting Monday to Friday does that to you. 

It is a crying shame living in London and not actually enjoying the unique sights and experiences London offers. So for a while I've thought about trying to do one London thing a month as a whole family, our 22 month old toddler in tow. And then of course, blogging about it! 

Here are ten things to do with a toddler in London. For a perfect weekend in London our family would choose a few of these to do, and pop in by some toddler-friendly restaurants in between experiences. We have been to the Disney Cafe in Harrods, and I've heard Rainforest Cafe is great for kids too.

hyde park winter wonderland stokke mycarrier

1. London Aquarium - this would guarantee lots of shrieks of joy. All those fish! (See my review of the London Aquarium!)
2. And afterwards, going on the London Eye. While this is more for the grown-ups, I am sure little monkeys would enjoy the scenery as well. 
3. Speaking of little monkeys, going to the ZSL London Zoo would be amazing. Seeing all those monkeys, lions, tigers, and other things. ((See my top tips for the London Zoo!)
4. Natural History Museum would be pretty special place to visit, with all those massive dinosaur skeletons. In the summertime the yard houses a special butterfly tent, which you can go and visit, and see lots of amazing butterflies.
5. Nearby, the Science Museum has plenty of interactive things to do, and apparently some are suitable for toddlers too. 

hyde park winter wonderland games

hyde park winter wonderland market stalls

hyde park winter wonderland wood fired salmon

6. There is a lovely park near Russel Square, called Coram's Field, where you can enter only in the company of a child. That would be a fun place to go and play. (See my review of the Coram's Fields Park here!)
7. Kensington Gardens has Diana, Princess of Wales' Memorial Playground, with a large pirate ship to climb aboard to.
8. Going on a cruise on the Thames would be lovely - we have actually done this, and while you have to stay in the central aisles with a buggy, you can still enjoy the scenery. (See my review of the cruise here!)
9. Greenwich is a lovely area to spend some time as a family. The views are fabulous, there is a big ship to admire (Cutty Sark) and the park is humongous for a toddler to run around in. (See my review of the Cutty Sark)
10. V&A Museum of Childhood looks like another lovely place to visit and there are supposed to be suitable things for toddlers to play with too. (See my review of the V&A Museum of Childhood!)

Would you recommend anything else to do with a toddler in London? 

hyde park winter wonderland

The pictures are all from our last family outing to London - Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

The top 10 things to do with a toddler in London - from outside parks to rainy-day attractions, all suitable for the little ones!

2 April 2015

My Monthly Roundup - Instagram March 2015

My March was fabulous. Really, loved it. Our mortgage application was accepted and March was a lot about sorting things out. Last little things need to be ironed out before exchange of contracts and then we might be moving into a new place. Additionally, we went on a long overdue ski holiday into Lapland with my parents - it was such a lovely time, and we enjoyed it lots. 

My Instagram account was much of holiday spam this month, as it might be expected of course. It was so lovely to snowboard again and enjoy the beautiful scenery, and I am sure some of the snaps will be shared in April too, I took lots of pictures up there on the mountains.


1. I have recently been flipping through old pictures - this one is of my little toddler monkey when she was but a few weeks old. I can't believe my chunky monkey was ever so tiny! Ah, where did the time go...
2. Loving this picture of us in the park - sunshine and slides, the best times ever.
3. I've been telling you about my lunch time gym habits... Twice a week, every week.
4. And yes, the Red Nose Day was here and my little monkey modeled with her own red nose.

5. Then, at the end of the month it was time to head to the airport, down one last babyccino before...

6. ... skiing with daddy! In Levi, Lapland. 
7. The food was lovely and there were so many great restaurants. We ate out pretty much every evening.
8. ... and day. Reindeer soup up at the mountains, in a ski cafe. It was delish!
9. And like I said on IG, a good hearty (reindeer) meal will keep a man up and running carving.

10. Ready to go out and explore. I wish we could go back, it was so lovely. I miss snowboarding.
11. The trees covered in snow, bright blue skies - could the day get any better?
12. I am just loving all those shots taken of the slopes and the blue skies, beautiful. Just beautiful.
13. That was my scenery - my board and the wilderness that is Lapland. Loving my board by the way, and I got new bindings too!
14. The last day we were out there was getting gloomy. My new orange jacket brightened up my day though :)
15. While it was sad to leave Lapland and the slopes and my family behind, coming back home to London feels good. And we always try to spot our house from the window, never have we actually seen it though!

So here is my Instagram account if you want to check it out. Otherwise, please link up with your monthly roundups, of anything and everything in March!

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