24 October 2017

What we think of the home security system Y-Cam

Recently I got a Y-Cam home security alarm for a review. A home security system has been one of those things I've wanted in my home for ages now. It's been the combination of a slightly anxious nature, reading too many real crime stories online and an overactive imagination. Touch wood, we've never been burgled, but as we live in an end of terrace home it's been one of the things that do make you worry at times. Having a home alarm system has helped my mind ease a lot. 

Y Cam Protect alarm home security system bundle

As for the home security system, I've been very pleased with our Y-Cam - it was easy to install, has been easy to use with apps on our smartphones and works well. It alerts us via noise and a mobile notification if alarms are triggered - obviously it's only ever been just us forgetting the alarm was on and walking in! You can have different levels of service - we don't pay anything monthly but if you want additional services such as recording on a camera (if you have one) or SMS alert messages, you can opt for one for £5.99 a month.  

Our bundle is the Y-Cam Protect. It comes with the hub, one remote, one motion alarm and one access alarm (used on a door or window). The amount of alarms in this package is perfect for a flat. It is also just about enough for a normal sized house, if you can position the motion alarm in a sensible way. That said, for a house I would recommend getting a more substantial version, or perhaps buying one or two more access alarms to properly cover the whole house. 

our living room

So what have I been particularly impressed by Y-Cam system?
  • Easy to use: I installed the system and apps in less than half an hour. You literally just plug it in the router, add the motion and access alarms on your app and stick them where you want. Easy to use also on your mobile via an app. 
  • Smartphone application: Instead of a remote you can use the app on a smartphone. You can turn it on an off anywhere with internet, so even if you forget to turn it on before leaving, it's not a problem. You can link several apps, so everyone in your home can use it via a smartphone. You also get notifications on your mobile if someone activates the alarm, or if alarm is triggered.  
  • Cost: The bundles are very reasonably priced for home security systems. Ours costs £149.99 which is very affordable for a home security system. You can have bigger bundles of course, or add to the bundle, which also increases the cost.  
  • Responsiveness: I've tested the alarm myself obviously, with accidentally walking in the room, and yes - it works really well. The motion alarm has a great reach! 
  • Adaptability: You can buy additional motion and access alarms so you can fully cover your house. You can also get a camera, internal and/or external, so you can check on your house when away. 
What could be improved with the Y-Cam system?
  • The alarm sound: To be honest, the alarm sound is quit quiet, and could be difficult to hear upstairs if you were sleeping. This could be improved if you could purchase an additional internal siren to use upstairs - none were available when I checked. 
  • Internet-only for a non-subscription version: As part and parcel, if you want the additional cover which is not only reliant on WiFi, you have to pay - £5.99 a month. You get additional benefits too, such as more customisable cover of the house (use only part of the alarms for example), camera recording and logs and SMS messages when alarms triggered. This is standard for home security systems so not a real negative - but worth remembering that full cover requires some extra cash on a monthly basis. 

our kitchen

Overall I have been very pleased with our Y-Cam home security system. We have the bare-bones version but we find it is sufficient to provide a decent level of cover. The biggest benefit I think is how easy the system is to use via a smartphone app - you can literally turn it on anywhere there is either WiFi or 3G, and you also get notifications via the app if the system has been activated or alarms triggered. 

Have you guys ever had home security systems? Have they eased your minds?

17 October 2017

Hey blog - It's been a while

You know when sometimes you mean to do something but just never get around to it? And then you think you should really do your return to it properly. Plan perhaps. Come back with a bang. And you just don't.  And you still don't.  And suddenly it's taken a ridiculous time and you just feel a bit embarrassed about going back.  

Well. That's just what has happened with my blogging. And coincidentally, also me going to the gym. 

So I figured I'll just get back on the horse. No special planning. No special bang. Just here. Writing where I can (and also packing my gym bag and scheduling that session in my calendar). 

Recently I've been terribly tired and lethargic. Coming back home all I've wanted to do is eat, watch Game of Thrones and sleep, in just that order. So that's what I've done with my days. Wake up, go to work, come home, watch telly, faff on social media, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat. After a day spent staring at the computer at my day job, opening up the screen at night has felt nauseating. So I haven't.  

But the way I see it, it's OK to take a break. It is good to not try and push yourself when all you are thinking about is rest. It is important to listen to yourself. Our lives are stressful enough as it is, with the never-ending cycle of climbing the greasy pole, school runs, work meetings, school meetings, laundry, cleaning, food shopping... Sometimes rather than just trying to do it all and making never-ending lists, it is important to prioritise rest and recuperation so you can get back on the horse properly. Just do the bare minimum and move on. 

There are a few things I have found help when you are feeling stressed and overworked and need to chill a bit:
  1. Grab a ready-made meal on the way home or work, rather than battle through trying to cook something. No shame in that!
  2. Get a girly, easy-to-read magazine for the commute to avoid answering the email mountain.
  3. Take the time to do something nice for yourself, like a manicure or a putting on a face mask or a nice, long, hot bath.
  4. Find a good box set to binge on. 
  5. Stretch and breath. 
  6. Get to bed before 10PM and for the love of god, don't set your alarm any sooner than  you absolutely at the latest have to get up. 
  7. Treat yourself to a nice cup of milk and a good quality chocolate. The milk chocolate bars with added sea salt are divine. 
  8. Remember that no-one is irreplaceable at work or other engagements. Delegate and prioritise what you can. 
  9. Say no to new responsibilities and good-bye to some old ones. Just say no more often, full stop.
  10. And remember - this too shall pass.   
So here I am again, back on the horse. I've been doing all the above steps to work myself past the lull, and it has helped. 

What kind of things do you do when all you can do is the bare minimum?

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