My Monthly Roundup - April 2016

As usual I share a bit of my life from the past month, and a few of my Instagram snaps. April was a lovely month. The beginning of the month was crazy busy, I was beavering away to submit a big piece of work at my job. It had taken ages and a few late nights. But finally it was done, submitted, reviewed, and apparently "really well written". I was pretty relieved that I got to get it off my table right before swanning off for a holiday!

A big part of my April was spent in Finland. We went there on a nearly two week holiday to see family and friends. It was lovely. We did see some friends, and we spent a lot of time with family, and most of all, relaxed at the country side. Just what you need from a holiday!

By the way, my daughter is a real flying enthusiast, and absolutely loves planes and flying (I am not that enthused about it, you know, thinking of the ensuing death in a fiery ball shooting towards earth...). She loves it though. And she is a great flier too for a toddler - pretty much after each flight someone comes up to us and congratulates what a happy and cheerful little miss she is. I've written previously a few tips of my own on how to fly with a baby, and what to pack for a toddler for a flight, but I should probably do a new post about flying with a toddler! 

Once we got back, we went to a friends wedding where my daughter was the flower girl. The greatest responsibility a two-year old has ever known I suppose. But in a true toddler-style, she managed to score herself a black eye just two days before the grand event... That always happens with toddlers doesn't it!

Do you guys have Instagram accounts? And how was your April? Come say hi to me on Instagram!


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