18 December 2016

How to: 3 easy Christmas card crafts to make with toddlers

As it's Christmas I've come up with three easy and quick Christmas card crafts that you can do with your kids. These are so easy you can do them with quite young kids, even toddlers. They are also non-messy and require minimal preparation. All you need is white card, coloured papers, scissors and a glue stick, about 15 minutes of time and a willing child. 

This is a seasonal version of my popular post 3 easy birthday card crafts to do with toddlers and I hope you like this one too! I'm not a fan of long or messy crafting sessions so I've come up with a minimal hassle craft my daughter also enjoys. She loves crafting and mummy-time so it is nice to do something like this with her. 

mum and daughter crafting paper cards

mum smiling to camera while crafting

mum and daughter crafting christmas paper cards

mum and young daughter crafting paper cards on a table

Christmas trees - You need to cut large triangles out of dark green paper and small triangles out of yellow paper. Also cut out small circles and use several papers with different colours. Do use a whole puncher if you have one as that makes it a bit less fiddly and the circles will be neater! I couldn't find ours so I just cut them myself. 

I gently guided my daughter in placing the triangles correctly on top of each other. See the pictures for guidance. The circles she is free to place however she wants on the tree... They do tend to end up stacked in just one place on the tree ha ha so sometimes I encourage her to move them around a bit. This was my daughter's favourite design. 

Poinsettia - Easy peasy flower pot craft. You need to cut out large red triangles, thin dark green sticks and leaves and a square for the pot, any colour that takes your fancy really! 

Stack of gifts - You just need squares and thin strips. Colours are optional but Christmassy colours work for this well. Alternatively, if you have scraps of wrapping paper you don't know what to do with, this is a great opportunity to use them!

coloured paper and scissors

christmas tree card paper craft

poinsettia card paper craft

stack of gifts christmas card paper craft

three christmas card paper craft designs

My daughter loved making the cards. She was so excited about these. And I loved making them too, especially because they were quick and non-messy!  Her favourite card to make was the Christmas tree and she got a bit with her designs. Of one she said "I love pink", and of the other she said "One more!" ha ha. 

preschooler sticking dots on a paper

mum showing a christmas tree card to a young daughter

mum and daughter smiling at each other

three christmas tree card craft designs

3 easy, quick and non-messy Christmas card crafts to do with toddlers or young kids - includes a Christmas tree, a stack of gifts and a poinsettia. Easy to do, you only need glue, paper, card and scissors.

Have you made Christmas cards? What did you make?

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