Tickles and giggles - the ordinary moments

It starts with a little tickle. A little stroke of the belly, a little raspberry here and there. Sometimes it comes as a surprise, sometimes you build up to it, moving closer and closer, waving your fingers in the air, smiling in anticipation.

And then it comes! Tickletickletickle, giggles, laughter, squealing, more laughter. Big smiles all around, with mummy, daddy and baby. 

These are just the little moments we steal, in the morning before getting up, when our baby is still between us, while cuddling on the sofa and watching TV, while she is playing with her toys... Sometimes the opportune moment in right after a bath, with the deliciously fresh and bare tummy inviting a little raspberry. And sometimes it just feels like any moment is the right one. Because you can always have a little bit more laughter in your lives.

Tickles and giggles - those are the best.

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  1. Ah so lovely and I agree, those little every day moments are definitely the best ones. She has a gorgeous smile- I love to tickle my little ladies, in fact we read their favourite book which is all about tickling tonight! x

    1. Must be a funny book that :)

      It was quite fun doing this post and trying to capture the giggles, tickling my lil one and photographing :)


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