Which Butlin's is the best?

We've been to all three Butlin's resorts, and I wanted to tell you what I think is the best Butlin's and which Butlin's you should choose, based on what you find most important! So if you want to know which Butlin's resort has the best pool, which resort is the biggest, which resort has the best accommodation, and which resort has the best beach, continue reading. I'll share my recommendation on what you should consider when you choose your holiday, and what unique features each Butlin's resort has!

I will share short reviews of each, but if you would also like to read an in-depth review of each of these Butlin's resorts, check these out:

What Butlin's resort is the best?

My favourite, and the one I would say is the best, is Bognor Regis. The Splash Waterworld pool area was renovated in 2019, and is great for families with young kids especially. The resort is compact so easy to walk around in. However, if a sandy beach is important for you, Skegness beats the other two. Skegness is also the oldest of Butlin's resorts, and I feel especially suitable for families with older kids. Butlin's Minehead is the largest and the location is very pretty, and I thought the accommodation the best here. There are also lots of beautiful places to visit nearby if you want to venture outside the resort. 

Read below for more detailed short reviews of each Butlin's resort and pictures from each resort!  

Short review of Butlin's Bognor Regis

  • My long in-depth review of Butlin's Bognor Regis is here - we visited in 2020. 
  • The resort area is smaller than the other two - rather compact. This makes it an easier place to visit if you have young kids or mobility issues. 
  • Arcade game area and penny pushers are tucked away, and not as much of a draw - a big plus in my eyes as I don't like them.
  • Splash Waterworld was renovated in 2019 so still feels rather new. There are several slides and different pool areas. There is a sizeable section for under 5's, and several slides younger kids (under 10) will feel brave enough to try. The new family changing rooms are also sizeable. Conversely, teenagers might find the slides not all that exciting - there were two with some speed on them. 
  • The beach outside the resort is a pebble beach - but excitingly, there is a chance of finding fossils!
  • Bognor Regis is an actual little town, with good eating options if you want to leave the resort. 

bognor regis beach at butlins

two girls in front of skyline at butlins

Short review of Butlin's Skegness

  • I shall add a long in-depth review of Butlin's Skegness soon - we visited in 2021. 
  • This is the oldest Butlin's of the three. It was opened in 1936, and taken over by military in 1939 as Camp Arthur, and then returned to holiday makers in 1946. They even have one of the original chalets on-site, and it is a Grade II listed building. 
  • It is quite large in size and spread across - you may need to walk a lot! I regularly had over 15k steps a day, it was knackering. 
  • Splash Waterworld was renovated in 2018. There were a good number of bigger slides for bigger kids, but I didn't find it to be as interesting for families with younger kids. 
  • Arcade and penny pushers are very prominent here, we could not avoid them... Good games though!
  • In Easter 2023 Skegness is opening a new inclusive play area called Skypark. It promises good wheelchair accessibility, and lighting to enable evening play too. 
  • The beach is lovely sand, great for sandcastles!
  • There is Fantasy Island amusement park very close, so could be a fun place to visit before or after Butlin's for bigger rides! 

sandy beach at butlins skegness

blue houses at butlins village skegness

Short review of Butlin's Minehead

  • My long in-depth review of Butlin's Minehead is here - we visited 2017. 
  • The accommodation here was lovely - we stayed in the chalets that had been just built in 2016/17. 
  • Minehead felt like it was well suited to families with younger kids. While the area was fairly spread out for the accommodation, all the activities were very compact. The feel in the resort was also calmer and more chill than the other two. 
  • Minehead is the largest Butlin's resort and has beautiful landscaping, especially around the chalets. 
  • Arcade and penny pushers were fairly prominent at the Skyline. 
  • The sandy beach is huge. We visited during winter and low tide, so it was a bit muddy, but I can imagine during the summer it would be beautiful. 
  • Lots of beautiful outdoors areas to visit in Minehead close to the resort, so excellent if you want to see something other than the resort. Dunster Castle or West Somerset Railway for a steam train might be fun! 

butlins minehead beach at evening sunset

butlins minehead accommodation at chalet village

Which Butlin's is the cheapest?

All three Butlin's resorts have similar prices, however, Bognor Regis typically comes out the most expensive overall. Occasionally you can find incredibly cheap deals for Butlin's Minehead if you go during Tots weeks during term time. Skegness is somewhere between the two. 

Different areas in UK may sometimes have different half terms - so the prices reflect local demand too! If you are willing to travel a bit, you might get a very reasonable cost holiday at Butlin's if the local half terms don't aling with yours!

Which Butlin's is the biggest?

The biggest Butlin's resort is Minehead. Skegness is rather large too. Bognor Regis is quite compact.  

Which Butlin's has the best beach?

Skegness has a great sandy beach, Minehead also has a beautiful sandy beach that extends a long way. Bognor Regis is pebble beach but has the opportunity to find fossils!

Which Butlin's has the best surrounding area to explore?

It depends what you like - Minehead has lots of outdoors beauty, such as Exmoor, or Dunster Castle or West Somerset Railway for a steam train. Bognor Regis has nice beaches. Skegness also has lovely sandy beaches, and you could visit Lincoln Castle too. These is also Fantasy Island amusement park, if big rides tickle your fancy. Overall I would say Minehead is in the most interesting location to explore. 

Which Butlin's is the best?

For me, it is Butlin's Bognor Regis, but that is because my kids are still quite young and I am not a fan of arcade games. For families with older kids / teenagers, I think Skegness would fit the bill best. And families that are outdoorsy or want to experience other things than Butlin's, I would recommend the beautiful nature around Minehead!

Which Butlin's should you choose?

I would recommend choosing the Butlin's that is closest to you. They are all slightly different, but the whole point about Butlin's is that the experience is (largely) the same. There is a traditional fairground, variety of shows and activities, Skyline Gang, a waterpark, arcade and a beach front nearby. They all have similar food options, and they all feel somewhat similar. Really, you can't go wrong with choosing the closest one to you. 

But do tell me - what do you think is the best Butlin's and which on would you choose?

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