My Monthly Roundup - Instagram April 2015

It has been a long and stressful month. We have been trying to buy a house for a while now, and after the initial lull of waiting for paperwork to arrive we are suddenly in the midst of trying to organise everything and just... Difficult things happen and are getting us worried. Because lots of my time has been spent on various house issues I haven't been around on social media or blogging that much. It has been a bit of a hiatus. 

On my Instagram page I share some nice little things that make me smile. Or make me think. So here are the things that have brought a smile to my face this past month.

1. I am loving the cherry blossom trees in St James's Park - so beautiful. Reminds me of being in Japan and celebrating the hanami.
2. In St James's Park there is this black swan I love visiting, if I decide to have my lunch there. A while back he looked pretty ill, so I was worried it would be the last of him but thankfully he pulled through!
3. I made gorgeous MaltEaster bunny brownies with the brilliant Taming Twins recipe.
4. We went on a jolly to Cambridge with my team - lots of learning, and afterwards we went punting. I punted and didn't fall over the board (although it got close one time!)

 5. These are some older pictures from the blog, when we went to nearby woods for a Mother's Day walk. It is so beautiful there I want to go back soon.
6. And these cheeky chops - how could they do anything else than make me happy (and want to pinch them too! :D)
7. Mish-mash London cool girl style! OK, we were just in a rush, to get to Wickes to look at kitchen stuff for the new house... Just getting prepared for the massive renovation project we are going to undertake.

8. I couldn't help but to share this selfie from our trip to Lapland, although technically it was in March. I want to go back!
9. We also went to feed reindeer there, and I wrote a blog post about us meeting and feeding reindeer in Lapland.
10. The weeks have been hectic, and having some nice brunches over the weekend have made me feel much more happier.
11. And going to the park - our local park is an old pasture for cows... A big park for great adventures!

How was your month? Instagram or otherwise? 

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you've had a lovely month outdoors :)

    1. Thank you :) we did have a nice April, weather permitting :)

  2. Some fab photos. I love the one of you feeding the reindeer! #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thank you :) It was such a fun experience!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks :) Instagram is a nice social media, I should try to be a bit more active there.

  4. We are trying to buy a house at the moment too so I know exactly how you feel about it being all consuming! I hope yours goes through smoothly x

    1. I know, it is so stressful. Thankfully, now it seems to be going better, and we will be completing soon :)

  5. Goegous pictures! I have never seen a black swan, how fantastic. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    1. It's the first one I've ever seen too - it was pretty amazing seeing one! :) Might go and have a look if it is still there tomorrow :) Thanks for hosting!


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