Celebrating the second birthday of our little princess

How can you tell a bad mummy blogger? Well, they forget to share their daughters birthday pictures until over three months have passed from the occasion... *whistles innocently*

Our little princess was dressed appropriately, in her new pink party dress and her crown. She got the cake of her dreams - a cake with Peppa Pig ornaments. And she got something as a gift she holds very dear to her heart now - her own little baby. 

What more could a little princess ask? Not much I tell you! (Ok, maybe for her poor excuse for a blogger mummy to share the pictures before she turns three...).

We had a shop bought cake, which was decorated with Peppa Pig toys. I got her a new party dress, which is big enough that she can wear it next year too. For gifts, she got a dolly, some little toys and some useful clothes. Mostly things that were Peppa branded, as she loves that cheeky little piggy. It may not have been anything special but for her it was perfect.

For her first and second birthday we decided to take it easy and celebrate it with the nearest and dearest, keeping it simple. It can often feel like you need to have a big occasion, with a theme and matching decorations, and even an entertainer for the kids. Maybe that pressure comes from being in London, or maybe from social media and the Pinterest-perfect lifes branded on Facebook for all to admire. For what it is worth, even if our table cloth didn't match the napkins, and there were no special baby entertainers, in her eyes it must have been the best party ever. And why? Because we were all there, with her, for her.

(And of course, Peppa Pig made it even better!)

What kind of birthday parties do you organise for your kids?


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