My Monthly Roundup - November 2015

November has really just whizzed past - we were pretty active and did loads of stuff and it feels like we have just been out and about pretty much every weekend.

1. Gorgeous capture from Tower Bridge - I just love the London skyline...
2. We went to Tower Bridge Exhibition and I blogged about how great a place Tower Bridge Exhibition was to take toddlers to.
3. Another capture of the night-time London... Ah, just beautiful.
4. The last time my daughter had seen my friend was over a year ago. She had great fun with my friend again at Tower Bridge.
5. My little Londoner, chilling in the tube.
6. I have always loved these houseboats you see on London canals - how I wish I could live in one... although in reality, it probably isn't as great as it looks and I probably would prefer my warm and big house on land!
7. We went to London Zoo and made some new friends...
8. A little snapshot from my daughters new colourful bedroom. I did a proper post about it with some ideas how I decorated a baby bedroom to be toddler-friendly.
9. And OK, while Halloween was a while back I just couldn't share one more picture of my little Luke Skywalker. Next year Ewok?

10. New kitchen, new toddler-sized kitchen sink... Hello bath time!
11. This is the face I have at 5PM on a Fri-YAY! :D
12. Little Londoner!
13. I went to a workshop organised by Currys about food photography - it was fab and I learned a nifty little trick how to take better pictures in poor light (and obviously blogged about it too!)
14. It was my birthday by the way at the beginning of November - I am not huge on celebrating birthdays so we just relaxed at home and went to a restaurant. I did get some lovely gifts, including blue and white flowers (my favourites <3 ).
15. I went to another workshop organised by Currys. This was about coffee with Nespresso, and boy, did I come out as a believer and now want one for myself. So much fun too - we did coffee tasting, pairing espressos with different variety of chocolates, latte art and coffee cocktails. By the end of it I had drank three espressos, one latte and two coffee cocktails. To say that I was a bit jittery would be an understatement!

So that was my November Instagram - A pretty action-packed month. I think December will be much more about home and relaxation for me then!

Do you guys have Instagram accounts? And how was your November? 
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  1. Looks like you had a lovely, action packed month! Love the London pics :) Thanks for hosting #mymonthlyroundup!

    1. It was, I feel so exhausted just reading about it ha ha :D London is always so picturesque, isn't it :) Thanks for linking!

  2. Love the pic of her in the sink, so cute! Thanks for hosting! xo

    1. Thanks for linking! We have had lots of sink baths lately... :)

  3. Crikey, you've been busy! Fab pics, I do love a black and white pic. Thanks for sharing/hosting x

    1. Ha ha I sure feel like it was a very busy month - I am almost glad it is December. Oh no, wait, December... Which means it will be even busier! :D Thanks for linking!

  4. Wow you have been really busy! Those two workshops sound great, especially the one where you got to eat chocolate! I love the pictures of your daughter, she;s so cute. Becky x #mymonthlyroundup

    1. Thank you :) I love taking pictures of my little one, she's my little model :) the workshop was great, learned so much! Thanks for linking :)


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