How to have a fun family ski holiday in Levi, Lapland

Levi in the Finnish Lapland is a great location for a family ski holiday. I've been there once or twice as a pre-teen, and last year I went there as a mum for the first time. Our ski trip to Levi was brilliant, and I would highly recommend the location for a family ski holiday! Here are a few of my top picks on fun family things to do in Levi, and a bit more about what I thought of Levi for a ski holiday.


As a location, Levi is perhaps a bit more exotic than the Alps. Don't get me wrong, I love the Alps and spent nearly two years of my life in the Alpine off-piste Mecca (aka Chamonix) as an intermittent ski bum. But I digress, that's a story for another time. Instead of an Alpine cheese-fest, in Levi you will be treated to reindeer in all its forms. Yum. We ate reindeer everyday, I kid you not. At the slopeside caf├ęs we sampled sauted reindeer with a side dollop of lingonberry jam and reindeer soup. Down at the village we were treated to reindeer cold meats, reindeer hamburgers and even reindeer pizza. So go eat reindeer!

Culture and activities

As for culture, in Levi you can get acquainted with the customs of Sami people, the indigenous population spread across the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian Lapland. We visited a museum, but there are sometimes other cultural experiences organised as well. Going to meet Santa Claus is another fab thing to do with kids!

There are other fun and exotic experiences you can do with your kids too. We went to feed reindeers, but with older kids you could do all sorts. Go reindeer or husky sledging, go on a snowshoe safari, and try to catch the Northern Lights... Go and experience something exciting and new. As a kid I really enjoyed having gone on a husky ride and "digging" for amethysts in a cave - both quite popular tourist things to do. I would also recommend trying a snowmobile, great fun!


In terms of child care Levi isn't the easiest place. There are some daytime indoor creches, and for evening time hotel reception may know some local services. For older kids it is not such a problem as they can either go to ski school, accompany you, or play at the sledging slopes (where daily kids activities are organised) but if you have toddlers you might find it more difficult. We were on an inter-generational trip, so luckily had grand parents to look after our little one while we swished down the slopes.


What did I think of the slopes though? In terms of skiing they were very good. You can't compare them to the Alps of course. The Lapland mountains are much lower. That said, you will still have plenty to ski and the runs are long (although not as long as in the Alps).

The variety of slopes in Levi was great. You have lots of gentle, family friendly slopes, but you can also find more challenging pistes. The slopes are often also in a very good condition, and no terrifying mogul fields in sight. The only unfortunate thing I'd say is the magnitude of button and anchor lifts. They are a serious pain in the butt (figuratively and quite literally...) - there were very few chair lifts. You do get used to the anchor lifts, but it is a bit more physical and you may tire quicker.

And how to best get family fun out of the skiing in Levi? Take your kids down the easy slopes first thing, grab a reindeertastic lunch out, and then take them to a creche for the afternoon and have some adult ski time!

Overall, I thought Levi was a gorgeous location for a family friendly ski holiday, and I would love to go back!

Have you ever been to Lapland for a ski holiday?


  1. Everything you mention sounds so out-of-the-world to me from Singapore. Feed reindeers, husky sledging, snowshoe safari, Northern Lights... Gosh, when will I ever have the chance? #myfavouritetrip

    1. It really is quite exotic! And it really does feel out of this world - we didn't see Northern Lights this time but I have seen them before and they are spectacular, even the little ones. I hope you will get a chance sometime to visit Lapland!

  2. Wow! This looks like paradise! And I love your photos. They are fantastic! I've never been skiing before and I really really really want to go!! It's on my "Bucket List" Pinterest list. Thank you for sharing. #MyFavouriteTrip

    1. It was wonderful and I so enjoyed it - I wish we could go again soon. Now our daughter is big enough to try skiing too. Maybe next winter :) Skiing is really good fun, and you should definitely try is you ever get a chance. I snowboard but can ski a little bit too, and might try it again next time we go up the slopes :)

  3. Looks amazing. I've never skied and would really like to, although have been to the Alps. In constrast, Levi looks lovely and I would love to get so close to the reindeer! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for linking up to #MyFavouriteTrip On another note, are you going to Britmums this year? :) Polly x

    1. Levi is a lot of fun - a bit more gentle skiing than Alps, but you get good slopes too. Thought the slopes were in great shape considering it was spring time!

      Yep, going to Britmums and I even bought my ticket already :) Are you going?


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