My Monthly Roundup - January 2016

So at the end of each month I usually round up my Instagram pictures and do a little round-up of the past month. For some reason I thought I would have lots and lots of pictures to share from January as I remember being on Instagram a lot. Well, it appears that I have just been lurking around and liking pictures rather than posting my own as I only had eight photos and one video. Oh well - I have plenty of pictures to put up there in February!

For us January has been all about cycling. We got our daughter her very first bike after Christmas. We got a balance bike as a Christmas gift, went to Halfords to get her a helmet. While there we put her on a normal bike, and she just took off. Knew exactly what to do. So we figured let's just get her a bike then! And that has meant much of our January has been spent in the park, round and round, biking away. 

1. A kiss a day keeps the doctor away! I love my little kisses and I'm glad my little monkey chops loves them too :)
2. Beautiful light, beautiful park, what more can I say. 
3. Aili got a lovely gift from Jacadi, of which Iwrote a post earlier this month. 
4. "One, two, three, race!" My little lady challenges people to a race, and will win (if you are slower than a slow jogger)!
5. I took a video of her cycling - she is pretty good going forth but we still need some practice in stopping... 
6. When all of Instagram was filled with glorious snowy pictures, I was pretty envious, so went back to my old photos and dug this one out from a year ago.... Sadly no snow for us in London!
7. Toddler tantrums - never last a long time when there is snow! First she threw herself on the ground face down, quickly turned on her back, and then got up. Ha ha. 
8. While there was no snow, it was damn cold! So we wrapped up warm.
9. I am loving taking pictures of her on her bike an enjoying our beautiful park and the beautiful light... I reckon there might be much more of these in February!

So that was my January - lots of cycling. Other than cycling at our local park we have been getting quotes for new windows (so expensive!) and I have caught a cold twice (so crummy!). We have been meeting friends a lot and been planning lots with our house. 

We even got the estate agents in to give us a valuation of our home. We have only moved in about three months ago, but we are getting itchy feet again... I think we have caught the renovation bug and we would love to find a new project to get our hands dirty with and do up big time. The valuation we got showed that we have added value to our current home, big time, and we are now planning our road to riches as property developers, ha ha. OK, that might not happen for a while yet, but we shall keep our eyes open!

Do you guys have Instagram accounts? And how was your January? 

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  1. Aww she looks so happy on her little bike!

  2. Learning to ride a bike is such a fun milestone, and your daughter looks so happy in your photos :) The price of windows is just ridiculous! Thanks for hosting #mymonthlyroundup

    1. Oh gosh it is - and made worse by us wanting to get sash windows, pretty much the most expensive type there is :( Thanks for linking!


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