My Monthly Roundup - Instagram March 2016

Whoosh... That was the sound of March just gone! It went past so fast. We did and didn't do much - it feels like I have been pretty busy at work, and have had to do some late nights. I was also sick, again, for the fourth or fifth time this year... But other than the annoying colds and the every day slog towards the office and back, we did manage to get some bits and bobs done. We have been to see newborn lambs at our nearby farm, we have been gardening, and oh yes, thoroughly enjoying Easter! 

How was your March? Here are a few of my Instagram captures from the past few weeks... 

1. I love this old picture of my husband and our daughter - she was still just a lil one, three months old... My how has she grown in the past 3 years!
2. I made this and was well proud of myself! I haven't knitted in a long time, but this was a really easy and fun knit to make, and oh it has been so warm and comfy. I wrote the instructions here if you fancy giving it a go.
3. I love Tidy Books - I originally discovered them through other blogs and just loved their range. Now I am excited that I can offer a piece of their design to my readers as well - enter my Tidy Books giveaway here!
4.London can sometimes be a miserable place to be. Expensive, crowded and mostly raining. But days like this when the sun shines and you walk past world-known landmarks on your way to work just makes you appreciate the opportunities you get living in this big old city.
5.Speaking of London, there are so many amazing and fun things to do, but as a Londoner you sort of forget all about them and never really visit the attractions. But this year we are planning on visiting a few more places, like London Zoo, where we went last year. This picture is from their penguin enclosure.
6. If you look very closely you will see me and our house - the balloon was so lovely and shiney I tried a bit of a selfie!
7. I am so looking forward to my holiday - in this exact scenery. It has been a long time since I had a proper holiday. I have been quite sick too this year, whether or not the two are connected I don't know. But I hope my holiday will refresh me both body and soul.
8. My little girl loves dancing and I took a video of her - but I didn't think Morris dancing would be up her street :)
9. I stock my daughters bookcase with books in two different languages. Trying to raise a bilingual child can be difficult though - any tips gratefully received!

10. Much of the glorious four day weekend we just had was spent outdoors - we even planted some hibiscus plants and I am excited to see how they will turn out.
11.We have finally got our kitchen blackboard wall in shape - just in time to send some Easter love around :)
12. For our Easter egg hunt we went to a forest... It was so much fun! Read more about our Easter Sunday here.
13. I made these decorated eggs for Easter - they are easy and so pretty. Draw on an egg with a crayon, sink the egg in dye until it reaches the desired colour, let it dry, blow it, put in the over (120 Celcius) for about 10-15 minutes, and wipe off the crayon with some kitchen towel and a bit of oil to reveal the pattern. Red cabbage makes a beautiful dye which gives off this beautiful blue/green colour.
14. Our little Easter bunny - hoppity hop!
15. Bath time - fun time! Especially when in the kitchen sink :D

Do you guys have Instagram accounts? And how was your March? Come say hi to me on Instagram!


  1. Lovely pics as always. It seems to have been a tough few months for lots of people with bugs, hope you are feeling better now and hopefully a holiday will make all the difference. Thanks for hosting, I'm so glad you keep it open for linking for a decent stretch, I miss so many where I run out of time! xx

    1. It does seen like a lot of people have been sick recently, there was alwys someone in the office and many seemed to be sick for a long time too. Maybe this year the strains have been particularly virulent!

      Thanks for linking and yes definitely, as it is a monthly linky I for mind keeping it up for a while - there is no rush! :)


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