A Fresh Up facial at New York Laser Clinic

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I recently went for a Fresh Up facial at the New York Laser Clinic in London Baker Street. Being a mum with a busy busy schedule it is difficult to find the time for myself, let alone take care of the outer me. Last time I had a facial was before I got married. It's our fifth anniversary soon. So it was nice to take a bit of time for myself and get a proper facial MOT.

new york laser clinic at baker street

My facial MOT started off with a chat with my cosmetologist Nadine. We chatted about my concerns (blemishes nearing adult acne in severity; uneven skin tone) and my skin (sensitive combination), and after assessing it, she recommended a 'Fresh Up' peel. On hearing the word peel I was quite concerned, but she assured me it was a very light peel and would be based on natural extracts, with no harsh chemicals involved. Essentially, it wasn't the sort of peel that really strips layers off your skin, but more like an enhanced exfoliation / facial.

The peel consisted of cleaning the skin, preparing and exfoliating it with Dr Schrammek products and finally a facial massage with a white mateo cream. The sensation of the peel was quite strange. Every time my skin was touched, there was a strong tingling sensation. Not inherently unpleasant, but very strange. I would imagine that if my skin was pressed with lots of tiny needles, it would feel roughly similar. Despite this, the treatment felt relaxing.

treatment room at new york laser clinic baker street

buddha decoration at a cosmetologist new york laser clinic

dr schrammek products

my treatment plan at new york laser clinic

The best thing about the treatment was that it actually worked! Afterwards, my skin was more even-toned and felt refreshed. The biggest change was in the blackheads on my nose. They were smaller and not as dark as before. This was a really noticeable change in person. It doesn't translate to pictures that well but I have taken a before and after pictures for reference. This effect lasted about a week and a bit, after which my skin has started to return back to its normal state. Two weeks after the peel my skin still feels cleaner and smoother than before the peel.

I also liked that the treatment was individually tailored - it addressed my skin concerns and when my cosmetologist noticed I was cracking my wrists after a long day at the office, she ended the treatment with a hand massage.

janmarini products

new york laser clinic baker street

Would I do the treatment again? Yep, most definitely, the change in the blackheads on my nose was noticeable. However, at £100 a pop it is an investment I personally couldn't find the funds to do on a regular basis. This treatment is recommended to do once a week, and they also have harsher Fresh Up peels (to be done every two or four weeks) you can work up to. It would be interesting to see how much of a change a month-long treatment plan would do to my skin when one treatment already had a significant effect. If I had a big event (such as a wedding or graduation) coming up, yep, I'd shell out the necessary funds for a treatment or two, and I could certainly consider making this part of my yearly skincare routine!

before and after pictures after a green peel at new york laser clinic
Before (left) and after (right)

Can you see the change in my skin in the before/after pictures? Have you been to a peel at a cosmetologist?


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