I love maxi dresses: see my summer style

Contains a gifted dress from JD Williams

I pretty much live my summers in maxi dresses. They are just about the perfect summer outfit in my opinion. They are cool on and just float around you in the warm summer winds. The fits I go for are usually quite generous and floaty at the lower half, cinched in the waist and fitted around the bust, and flattering on plus sized women too.  

What I especially love about maxi dresses are that they are so practical and make my busy mum life just that little bit easier. Forgot to shave your legs? No problem, maxi dress! Need to sit down for a teddy bear picnic? No problem, maxi dress! You can even sit cross-legged and all is covered? Need to bend down to pick that umpteenth of stick your toddler dropped? No problem, maxi dress! Covers all flashing ha ha. So I thought it would be fun to show my ever-expanding collection of these super-dresses and a bit of my summer style. 

jd williams maxi dress plus sized for office

wearing my JD williams maxi dress at The O2

I recently received a gifted maxi dress from JD Williams. I usually wear this at work on casual Fridays, or at functions where I want to be that little bit smarter than I do at the beach front. It is a lovely fit around the tummy, comfortable and slightly ruched so you don't need wash-board abs to pull it off. 

buggy walk at hamsted heath

wearing my linea dress at hamsted heath

My favourite ever maxi dress is this number by Linea. Sadly the fabric was a bit poor quality, and it faded and bobbled quickly, but I still wear it as the fit is lovely, and it is long enough. I find it is difficult to get maxi dresses that are long enough and stay long enough through several washes. Many my maxi dresses are more like midi-dresses on me and at 5'7 I am not even that tall. 

wearing a nanso maxi dress

wearing a maxi dress when pregnant

Maxi dresses in my opinion are perfect for pregnancy. They hug that bump beautifully and really show it off. And when you are pregnant, I've always thought you should try and make a feature of your bump. It is there, everyone sees it, so there is no point in trying to hide it!

Most of the summer time, as long as it is reasonably warm, you can find me in a maxi dress. In fact, I am even wearing one right now as I am typing this post! It doesn't really matter what size I am but maxi dresses always feel like the right choice, and they are the ultimate summer outfit for me. I feel comfortable and they just feel like summer. And now, I feel like I should go off and find a few more to expand my selection!

Do you wear maxi dresses?


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