When you feel like drowning: Little life update November 2016

I feel like drowning. Time is such a precious commodity and I have so little of it. I know I shouldn't really complain as the busyness I experience right now is the good kind.  The kind that comes from new opportunities, moving on in life, having a family. But still. I feel tired. 

It has been a few weeks of long days at work to finish off projects and handing over tasks. Making notes for whoever picks up my projects, making sure all important files are filed away safely, making sure my desk is cleared and bags packed. 

I have a new job now. New job, new responsibilities, new direction. Senior to my job title and a sizeable increase in my salary. 

mother with a toddler daughter with a punnet of strawberries on a field

mother and toddler daughter talking to each other on a field

Other than my real-day-job-pay-the-bills kind of work my blog work has also upped a step. There is a lot more interest from brands for collaborations, new exciting opportunities emerging, and commissions coming in. 

There are posts from May still in my drafts. Hours of video waiting to be edited. Ideas brimming in my head. I've interviewed a celebrity, an inspirational woman I feel a lot of respect for (transcribing soon!). I have booked my first ever press trip, somewhere here in UK I've never been to. 

And amongst all this I wonder have I lost my voice a little. There are things I want to write about but usually I feel too tired to get my thoughts in order and words on paper. I would like to write more about being a working mum, about building a career, about the hectic life we create ourselves, and about balance. Or rather, the lack of it. I love writing about the adventures we have as a family and sharing my photography but i would like to add to that, something from the heart. 

The last few weeks have been difficult. Our little girl has caught all the possible nursery bugs you can get. She has been sick and tearful and in need of mummy. Who of course has not been able to be there. 

It is tricky to balance it all. A lady needs her sleep too... 

mum and daughter cuddling on a farm field

It is all of course temporary. After the next few weeks I will get into a routine at work. I'll clear the back log of my commercial posts. And as we beat the winter bugs we will be able to sleep better and feel better. And then it'll be Christmas. And a well-deserved holiday!

How have you been lately?


  1. Onnea uuden duunin johdosta ja tsemppiä kiireiseen kauteen! Ja kuten sanoit, joulu ja joululoma on ihan kulman takana, can't wait! Toivottavasti ehditään vaikka sitten joulun jälkeen taas treffata! :)

    1. Kiitos! Tää on kyl ihan järkyttävää - niin kauheesti hommia... Mut tosiaan. Joulun jälkeen ois kyl kiva :)

  2. Paljon paljon onnea uudesta duunista ja tsemppiä! :)

    1. Kiitos kiitos - yritetään nousta tästä suosta :)

  3. Oi, onnea uudesta työstä! :) ja paljon tsemppiä arkeen 👍

    1. Kiitos! Toivottavasti tää alkaa sujumaan nyt vähän paremmin :)

  4. Bless you, it can seem overwhelming at times. I've never been busier since having my second baby (24 month old and a 6 month old). I feel evenings are my 'me' time to write my blog or do some sport (still trying to lose baby 10kg of weight) BUT I'm too exhausted. Still getting up in the night, early mornings, irregular nap times. Working and balancing family and your own personal space is tough. Harder when you add bugs into the mix. I hope you find your mojo soon. Hopefully a Christmas break is looming for you to recharge a bit. Focus on what makes you happy in those precious moments you grab here and there xx

    1. It is tough, and I can imagine it becomes even more exhausting with two. Hats off to you mama! It is the lack of sleep that really gets you, it is just a difficult cycle when you are just constantly tired, can't do much, and then become stressed thinking everything you still need to do...

      I hope you have a restful Christmas too!


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