How our first Butlin's holiday turned out... Fantastic!

We visited Butlin's Minehead this February half term. I loved our little mini-holiday, just the three of us spending time together as a family, having good family fun. We were invited to review the Butlin's holiday experience as one of their Blogger Ambassadors and yep. I'm now a total Butlin's convert. I loved it so so so much I would go back in a heartbeat. 

butlins minehead helter skelter

toddler laughing on a fairground ride

butlins minehead merry go around in the sun

toddler on a merry go around

butlins minehead west lakes village signs

butlins minehead parkview chalets

dad and daughter playing mini golf

family picture at butlins minehead mini golf

What I mostly loved was the ease of it all. We didn't have to think of anything. We didn't really plan the days. We had a look at the schedule and went where we felt like it, and there was always something to do. For some downtime we enjoyed seeing the shows, and the Skyline Gang songs are still ringing in my ears. A certain little someone was so taken by The Gang she got herself her own Skyline costume and has been practising her moves home too. 

We just went where the flow took us, and quite often it was down the rapids at the water park. If we asked our daughter what she wanted to do, invariably it was "Swimming!". So that's what we did! On the last day we spent about three hours in the water park... I was absolutely knackered by the end. 

The outdoors fairground took our fancy too several times and in the end were well acquainted with the three or so rides that accepted kids under 1.1 meters... I've never a been fan of fairgrounds but I loved the traditional rides and even tried a Helter Skelter for the first time in my life! 

watching shows at butlins minehead sky pavillion

teletubbies who at butlins minehead

meeting mimi character at butlins minehead

meeting candy character from skyline gang at butlins minehead

evening ride on a fairground merry go around

mum and daughter riding a horse on a merry go around at dark at butlins minehead

mum and daughter on a merry go around at dar at butlins minehead

The other thing I loved was how everything was geared towards kids. Our lives have totally changed after having our first child, and she really is the most important person on our holiday. If she has fun, we have fun. Doing things as a family, where she can properly join in, is exactly what we need and what I want from my holiday. And we did a lot of that. Spent time as a family. The little things that I noticed, how the staff would always talk directly to the kids and on their level made me smile too. It was the little things that made it special. 

Our whole stay was so relaxing, surprising really for a family holiday. We stayed in one of the self-catering chalets in West Lakes Village, which the check-in staff referred to as the posh accommodation, ha. It was lovely, and when my daughter exclaimed that "I love my holiday home" I really felt the same too. We didn't do much of cooking though, as we ate at the buffet-style restaurant The Deck for breakfast and dinner, and consequently rolled back to London at the end of our holiday... 

I will write an in-depth review of our stay, including the accommodation, food and entertainment once I get a bit of time. I also so many lovely videos too I have been crafting into a YouTube video. Just watch this space! I have been loving looking back at our first family holiday together, and I so want to go again! 

girl on beach at butlins minehead

butlins minehead beach

dad and daughter on a beach at butlins minehead

mum and daughter playing with seaweed on beach at butlins minehead

seaweed mermaid on sand at beach at butlins minehead

Have you been to Butlins?


  1. I used to go to butlins as a kid, the Skegness one and I loved it. I'm 26 now and me and my partner just booked our first butlins holiday for this September, it's for a week and at the Skegness one... going to bring back so many memories! I can't wait, we are going to see Justin! Haha.

    1. I've heard the Just for Tots is great - I am sure you will enjoy it :) It will be so interesting to see what you will think of it now as an adult - loads of people have said it has improved a lot in the recent years and is even nicer than when they were kids!


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