Hey blog - It's been a while

You know when sometimes you mean to do something but just never get around to it? And then you think you should really do your return to it properly. Plan perhaps. Come back with a bang. And you just don't.  And you still don't.  And suddenly it's taken a ridiculous time and you just feel a bit embarrassed about going back.  

Well. That's just what has happened with my blogging. And coincidentally, also me going to the gym. 

So I figured I'll just get back on the horse. No special planning. No special bang. Just here. Writing where I can (and also packing my gym bag and scheduling that session in my calendar). 

Recently I've been terribly tired and lethargic. Coming back home all I've wanted to do is eat, watch Game of Thrones and sleep, in just that order. So that's what I've done with my days. Wake up, go to work, come home, watch telly, faff on social media, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat. After a day spent staring at the computer at my day job, opening up the screen at night has felt nauseating. So I haven't.  

But the way I see it, it's OK to take a break. It is good to not try and push yourself when all you are thinking about is rest. It is important to listen to yourself. Our lives are stressful enough as it is, with the never-ending cycle of climbing the greasy pole, school runs, work meetings, school meetings, laundry, cleaning, food shopping... Sometimes rather than just trying to do it all and making never-ending lists, it is important to prioritise rest and recuperation so you can get back on the horse properly. Just do the bare minimum and move on. 

There are a few things I have found help when you are feeling stressed and overworked and need to chill a bit:
  1. Grab a ready-made meal on the way home or work, rather than battle through trying to cook something. No shame in that!
  2. Get a girly, easy-to-read magazine for the commute to avoid answering the email mountain.
  3. Take the time to do something nice for yourself, like a manicure or a putting on a face mask or a nice, long, hot bath.
  4. Find a good box set to binge on. 
  5. Stretch and breath. 
  6. Get to bed before 10PM and for the love of god, don't set your alarm any sooner than  you absolutely at the latest have to get up. 
  7. Treat yourself to a nice cup of milk and a good quality chocolate. The milk chocolate bars with added sea salt are divine. 
  8. Remember that no-one is irreplaceable at work or other engagements. Delegate and prioritise what you can. 
  9. Say no to new responsibilities and good-bye to some old ones. Just say no more often, full stop.
  10. And remember - this too shall pass.   
So here I am again, back on the horse. I've been doing all the above steps to work myself past the lull, and it has helped. 

What kind of things do you do when all you can do is the bare minimum?


  1. Having a bit of time to yourself and being kind to yourself are so important when you feel overwhelmed and just struggle to do the bare minimum. It's good to have a break from things every now and then - particularly if you're feeling under pressure. Lovely to see you "back on the horse" again x

    1. Definitely - and it does help when you just rest and try and recuperate. I'd love to blog a bit more, but to be honest with everything else I've had to back down from it a bit.


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