I am up for a blogging award!

This January I was short-listed for the Mum and Working Business Awards, in the Working Parent Blogger of the Year. There are other fabulous bloggers up for the same award and it is such a great honour to be amongst them. Obviously, they are all wonderful and great so I am sure you can pick someone nice to vote for amongst them... wink wink nudge nudge! 

(No, seriously, click on it and the voting form is at the bottom of the page! And my blog is called Wave to Mummy.) 

I often jokingly call this blog my other, part-time side-job. It certainly sometimes feels like it! Alongside this labour of love, I also have an interesting full-time career in research and the third hat I occasionally wear is one of a school governor. Not to mention the mum hat. So a lot going on. 

All us working mothers can appreciate the constant juggling of many balls, the constant wearing of many hats. It is incredibly challenging and also incredibly rewarding at the same time. I've been a working mother nearly five years now, and during that time I've learned many things. At the office I've learned that upwards management is an actual thing, and that it is just as important to make sure people know what you are doing, as it is doing it. At school governing I have learned that an outsider perspective can be genuinely refreshing and shaking up group-think can only ever benefit you. At home I've learned that work, at the end of the day, is just work and best left at the office. When you are old and wrinkly, it won't be the work or the achievements you look back at fondly, it is the everyday family memories... 

My blog has also taught me many things - from totally new skills such as marketing and social media management to more technical skills like coding. I have done a fair few commercial collaborations through this blog, and they have always been fun and interesting to do, and most of all, huge learning experiences. And while, alongside my many other hats I can't actually devote that much time to this blogging malarkey, I do feel that I have built some solid, marketable skills. Should my full-time job not pan out, I would always have something else to fall on. And in this flexible, constantly-moving world we live in, that is pretty valuable. 

And I keep on learning. At the office, at home, at the school and at my blog. And that's pretty cool. Although a few more hours of sleep a night would do wonders too!

And going back to the awards business, if you do have the time, I would really appreciate your vote in the Mum and Working Business Awards, in the Working Parent Blogger of the Year category. I am not really one that does a huge amount of blogging or is up for awards that often, so if you have the time to put a vote in for little old me before the 5th February, it would really warm my heart!


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