What happened in our lives January 2018?

Right. I really enjoyed looking back at the family photography project results from 2017, and this year I've decided to do it again. It is lovely looking back at our family, and the things we have done and where we have been and what we look like. So here goes again. 

This month I haven't really taken my camera out and we haven't been out anywhere much due to constant colds and constant busyness. So on the last day of the month, as we were about to run out of the door via the school to work, I set up my camera for a few shots. I dress quite casually for work, little monkey is of course in a school uniform (although already wearing her jacket) and work from home hubby is sporting a massive bedhead, as usual for this time of hour. Just a candid shot in the mayhem that is our mornings!

This January I have been loving:
  • Being shortlisted for the Working Parent Blogger of the Year by Mum and Working awards. And because I am not cool that way, I'm just gonna say please go and vote for my blog Wave to Mummy here (link)
  • My tummy getting bigger and finally feeling lots of movement. You can even feel some of the stronger kicks from outside now. 
  • Starting to get that second-trimester boost, or rather, not a boost but finally feeling normal again so compared to first trimester I am positively glowing now. 

Aili has been loving:

  • Reading and writing and her phonics. She is getting so good at reading and can read quite advanced books for her age. She's moved up to the advanced group in her phonics now. 
  • She also loves writing, and writes little letters to us and her friends. One of hers addressed to me said: "To mum. I no(sic) baby is bad. But too.". They don't always make much sense, but she tells me it was a joke. 
  • The baby in mummy's tummy. The sweetest thing is how every morning when I drop her off to school she insists on giving me a hug, and then the baby (my tummy) another hug. 
  • Being a big sister - something she likes to remind everyone now, and how she is a big girl and a big sister. 

Hubby has been loving:
  • Finishing a big project for his work - took a couple of months! 
  • For the first time feeling the baby - I got him to put his hands on my belly one night when the kicks were very strong, and he could feel it. And now every once in a while he tries to get the baby to move again by poking me.
  • Learning to nit comb...  Well, maybe loving is too strong a word but it seems to be the same sort of pleasure you get from pimple-popping videos! Both me and Aili got nits, and we've had many many combing sessions since. Joys of having school kids eh (although hubby insists I must be the patient zero as I had more of them...)?
  • Peaky Blinders TV series - apparently it is very very good! 

How was your January?


  1. Oh that amazing second trimester glow it’s a baby boom this spring can’t wait. I can relate first trimester is always so tiring isn’t it? These are lovely. Hoping February is warmer for us all. #meandmine

    1. Totally - I have felt relatively quite well now, if the constant colds aren't counted! I am very excited for spring, seems like there's lots of babies coming :)

  2. It is lovely when you can feel those baby kicks from the outside isn't it and always good to start feeling normal again - the first trimester is a tough one! Glad Aili is enjoying telling everyone she is a big sister. Nits are the bane of my life - I'm always the one that has to comb them out though! Lovely family photo - I'm very impressed that you managed to find time for a brief shot in the school morning rush. #meandmineproject

    1. Oh it has been lovely to start properly feeling them now - the baby is properly kicking! It is a bit crazy how much movement I feel nowadays. You can even see some of the movements outside! (And I better do another nit combing session - been feeling a bit itchy and praying it is just the cold winter air making my scalp dry...)


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