What happened in our lives in February 2018?

This February our monthly family pictures were quickly shot on our way to ballet. It's been a proper snowday here in London, with the Beast from the East )or whatever it was called) brought a flurry of snow. We didn't go out to enjoy the snow though, as I was off sick from work with a chest infection, hubby recovering from surgery and our daughter also off sick, with conjunctivitis and coughing. We felt well enough to walk to the ballet practice and back though later in the day, and took a few sly selfies on the way.  

family selfie

What have we enjoyed this month then?

Me, I have really enjoyed:

  • Finally feeling like I am properly pregnant, with my third trimester starting. 
  • I love Jaffa cakes, and found these really interesting raspberry jelly, Milka chocolate jaffa cakes from our local Turkish convenience store. They appear to be Romanian imports and are veeeeery nice!
  • Finished a big report for work, and got loads of good comments on how interesting and enjoyable it was to read.
  • Margaret Atwood's The Handmaiden's Tale - what a fabulous and gripping book. I found it difficult to get to bed at evenings as I just wanted to read on. 
  • My orchid flowering again. 
  • Buying tickets to the next Secret Cinema in London - Blade Runner world, here we come!

Aili has loved this month:
  • Writing and illustrating her own book for the World Book Day. She is going as a cowgirl from "The Happy Cowgirl" book.
  • Writing little messages to everyone she can think of. We get little letters written everyday. Her future sibling has got a few too!
  • Singing to the bump. I love this so much - every evening she sings a lullaby song to the bump, and in the mornings she sings a wake-up song. It is just the cutest thing ever and makes my heart melt. 
  • Kissing and cuddling the bump. And feeling the baby movements for the first time! She put her head on the bump and baby kicked her in the ear, and apparently it was very very funny.  

Hubby has loved:

  • Finishing another client project.
  • Feeling the baby kick and move - some of the kicks are getting very very strong now and my belly can even be seen to move. 
  • Getting his back (hopefully) now fixed, and hopefully getting back to playing rugby again. 
  • Getting our garage cleared of most of the "stuff" and finally being able to use it as intended - as a garage. OK, this may have happened already in January, but the joy continues even now!
  • Crafting with Aili - they spent several hours crafting together a paper guitar, and it looks great, and will probably be part of the "cowgirl" outfit for World Book Day. 

And talk about one of the things I didn't like this month... My damn double-chin in the pictures! Ha ha, I was paying far too much attention into faffing with the phone than checking out the way I was posing. 

So there, that was our February. What were the highlights of your February?


  1. Ahhh that's so cute with a heart for Vday and lovely family snaps. Sounds like you had a good month. Hope March is fab for you all. Sorry for late commenting catching up today. :) #meandmineproejct

    1. Thank you! It was a nice month despite all the bugs we had to endure - I hope you had a good Feb too!


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