What happened in our lives in August 2018

Oh gosh aren't school holidays exhausting? It feels like you are constantly trying to come up with some sort of an entertainment for the little one, which isn't always easy when realistically, you can't really go to loads of places with a brand new baby... Or, well, you can but it just is not fun. And we have done so many things, and if we stay home just one day, apparently it is "sooo booring" and "the worst day ever". 

That said, we have been out and about doing a fair few things. The pictures this time are from our trip to the Whipsnade Zoo, which we really enjoyed. But talk about a five year old - do you think it is ever going to possible to get them to pose nicely for a picture ha ha? Every picture has some sort of monkeying going on!

family picture at whipsnade zoo with antilopes

I have loved:

  • Having the house to myself (and the baby) while hubby and older daughter were away... It was blissfully quiet!
  • Having a home-spun outdoors cinema night, with a projector and pop corn. 
  • The sunny weather and eating a lot of ice lollies when the heat was on.
  • The start of the GBBO. This year I am finally completing my yearly challenge of doing the weekly technical challenges. Bring it on wagon wheels. 
  • Going and doing lots of family things together, like the zoo, aquarium, food festival and so on. 
  • Buying new swim wear and going to aquabic. 

Aili has loved:

  • Being off school! 
  • Going camping with Nanny. 
  • Going to the zoo and the aquarium and to the park. 
  • Going to product launches (Cry Babies Magic Tears - these cute new mystery dolls you get to open and the launch of Boots Mini Club range by Fearne Cotton). 
  • Having picnics - we have eaten at the park a few times and also had a rainy day picnic underneath a gigantic spruce.
  • Saying "This is the BEST DAY EVER" every time we do something. 
  • Doing a funny face in photographs. 

family picture at whipsnade zoo with antilopes funny faces

family picture at whipsnade zoo with antilopes funny faces

family picture at whipsnade zoo with antilopes

Aija has loved:

  • Rolling on her tummy and lifting her head up high. She first purposefully rolled over at 10.5 weeks old and has been at it constantly since. 
  • Turning 180 degrees on her back and front - if I leave her for a bit I never know what way she will be facing. 
  • Trying to lift her butt up. I think we are going to have another extra early crawler here!
  • Grabbing at things, especially her sisters hair. 
  • Gnawing at hew fingers and fists, we think this is an early teether too. 
  • Smiling and cooing, oh she does a lot of this it is so lovely.  

Hubby has loved:

  • Going to Wacken, a metal music festival in Germany, with old band mates.
  • Chucking us out of the house to try and concentrate on doing work. 
  • Going to the gym and buying new gym stuff. 
  • Doing family things and going to Whipsnade Zoo and going to the Behind the Scenes tour at the London Aquarium.

family picture at whipsnade zoo with antilopes

family picture at whipsnade zoo with antilopes

So that was our August, busy but fun. Roll on September and school though, I can finally get something else done than being the chief child entertainer ha ha.

How was your August?

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