Checking out the new Lenovo Smart Display device

This Halloween I attended a workshop with Lenovo to check out their newest gadget - the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant. The lovely Kimberly Wyatt was there to demonstrate how she uses the gadget for aiding her kitchen exploits and a few fun Halloweeny recipes to make with kids. I got hands on with the device at the event and it was quite fun to try it, so here are some of my thoughts. 

Please note, this post is sponsored by Lenovo. 

lenovo smart display with weather

kimberly wyatt with lenovo smart display

halloween witches hats

I am finding I am increasingly using hands-free options on my smart devices. When you live with kids, your hands are always full so any little helps! I check the weather, set reminders and ask those pertinent questions like how do you spell "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" using voice control. A tiny bit of time is saved and I am less frazzled and more streamlined. 

With Lenovo Smart Display I could imagine using it for several more things. Following recipes and hair tutorials on YouTube would be so handy, making it easy to be hands-on and stick to the task. Not to mention having it on to play yoga tutorials while contorting on the floor. I reckon visually checking a route to the birthday party or the latest addition to our household calendar would be pretty handy too. I've already cracked my silly expensive smart phone by faffing with it non-stop doing the above, so just saying "Hey Google" to get hints and tips would be helpful, and possibly cheaper in the long run.

kimberly wyatt at lenovo smart display event

lenovo smart display with video

cooking demonstration with lenovo smart display and kimberly

me and kimberly wyatt

While I am pretty cool with technology, I also liked that privacy was taken seriously. A while back I went to a work presentation by people much techier and smarter than me and we discussed the anecdotal evidence of online marketing picking up cues from off-line conversations, as well as the technology that does make this possible... Well. Fox Mulder I am not, but having a hard blocks in the form of a mic mute button and a physical camera cover is pretty reassuring should I ever feel the need for it. 

A more in-depth review of the Lenovo Smart Display would be great to do, but if you are interested in it now, make sure you take advantage of the Lenovo Smart Display Black Friday deals running on from Friday 16th November until Monday 3rd December, as well at major retailers. During this time, the 8 inch device will sell at £129.99 (RRP £179.99) and the 10 inch will sell at £199.99 (RRP £229.99).

a halloween sausage made to look like a mummy

And as for Halloween recipes we made with Kimberly... I made the very easy Halloween sausages for my little big one the next day and they were a great success. As were the skeleton cookies lovingly decorated by me!


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