My top picks from the Aldi Baby and Toddler Event

Me, I love a good bargain. After Christmas I quite enjoy having a look through the sales and seeing if there is anything decent that I need (or just purely want) at a good price. Speaking of bargains, whenever I go to Aldi I always check their middle aisle, aka the random aisle, for any weird and wonderful things on discount. I've bagged quite a few nice things in the past for the kids and myself!

In January these combine to a Aldi Baby and Toddler Event, where the middle aisle is filled with weird and wonderful items for the littlest ones in our family - in store from 10th January. Aldi sent us a few items to check out, and asked us to check the rest of the sales out. Alongside the very well thought-of Aldi Mamia nappies, wipes and baby food pouches, I've looked through the Specialbuy bargains for my other top picks!

aldi nappies and wipes

We are in the weaning stage now, so Annabel Karmel's Baby Weaning Book (£4.99) was something I'd be keen to get my hands on - I've had this from the library forever now so having my own copy would be great. We also really love Nuby's Silicone Animal Bibs, that are in a 2-pack (£3.49), and Food Flasks (£5.99).  

Speaking of Nuby, there are also loads of Nuby toys and teething products to choose from - I quite liked the look of Teether Socks (£4.99) and Pull Along Wooden Toys (£7.99). Bath books (£2.99) are popular toys in our house too, with the big one wanting to read them to the little one in bath! 

aldi baby products

When I go to the store I might pick up a few items to go alongside the Baby Bodysuits (£2.99) - like Baby Tights 2-pack (£2.79) and Baby socks (£2.49) as these things are always needed. As I am quite keen on cloth nappies I was really happy to see Bambino Mio reusable nappies for a very affordable price (nearly half price at £8.99!) so will pick one or two of them to add to our collection, alongside their washable and matching changing mat (£8.99). 

So those are my top picks - what baby items would you want to find in sales?

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