My best Mother's Day gift ever from Red Letter Days

Now, don't get me wrong... I cherish the slightly too small plastic bead bracelets and the glitterific bookmarks that make their way home around every Mother's Day. I really do. But, if you were to ask me what I've always dreamt about getting for Mother's Day, it would be quite different - and involve no children ha ha.  

So, when Red Letter Days asked me to pick an experience to review as a Mother's Day gift, I knew exactly what I was looking for. Something pampering and luxurious, that would leave me feeling refreshed and relaxed, because let's face it, mothering is hard work and we mums need all the relaxation we can get. I decided to go for a Top to Toe Pamper Package (seriously, how amazing does that sound!), which included a facial, a full body massage and a foot massage. Pure bliss I tell you.

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The Top to Toe Pamper Package I went for was done at Jivita Ayurveda, an organic well-being centre in Kensal Rise, that specialises in ayurvedic treatments. Not being all that familiar with what ayurvedic treatment style is, I had a chat with Anu, my masseuse and the owner, and she explained it is all about living with the seasons and natural day rhythm, and you use different oils depending on the treatment needs and also seasons. 

Once I got to Jivita Ayurveda, I had a quick chat with my masseuse about what I wanted to achieve from my session - for me it was relaxation, release in the tightness around my shoulders and radiant skin with less impurities. And then off we went to the small treatment room in the back, decorated in soothing black and grey colours. and I got ready for my first session. All the while calming music was playing on the background.

indoors wellbeing centre

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ayuverdic products

My pampering session was started with the full body massage. It was lovely and relaxing, and in the ayuverdic tradition, the oils used were specific winter oils, rather pleasant and neutral smell. I really enjoyed the long massage and especially the gentle start. Some of the more high pressure muscle work on my shoulders at the end was tough going and occasionally painful - getting rid of those nasty knots is difficult! After an hour of (mostly) bliss, we moved on to the facial. After the serious and painful business of blackhead removal the lovely relaxing facial started and my skin was thoroughly treated. A bit of a head massage topped it off. And while waiting for the facial treatment to do its magic, my therapist scrubbed and massaged my feet. Bliss.

So, I've gotta say, two and a bit hours of just pure pampering was exactly what the doctor ordered for this mum as I left there with a spring in my step!.

massage room

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woman after a massage

For several days afterwards I felt like my shoulders carried a lot less tension - they felt like they were lower and not that hunched up anymore. My skin felt refreshed, and clear. My husband even commented the following day how glowing my skin looked. So yes, a wonderfully relaxing pampering package I would definitely recommend.

Having been thoroughly pampered, literally from top to toe has really been the best early Mother's Day gift ever and something I wouldn't mind repeating in the future! There were quite a lot of good pampering packages on Red Letter Days I also liked the look of, like the Spa Days and Spa breaks. Ah, maybe next year!

What has been your best Mother's Day gift?

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  1. I been looking for ways to treat my mum on mothers' day might looking to this for a surprise for her.

    1. I think this is a fantastic gift for Mothers day! Great treat :)

  2. This looks lovely! Glad you had a fab time x

  3. This sounds lovely. I would love it for Mother's day

  4. Looks amazing, definitely beats a glitter bookmark!

  5. This looks like heaven! Might just leave my laptop open for my husband to accidentally see...

  6. Living the dream! This sounds amazing. I definitely need a good shoulder massage to ease the tension. Xx

  7. I love red letter days. Such a great idea. This spa looks lovely too.


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