What I've been checking out at the Aldi Baby and Toddler event

Oooh, it is time for another bargain hunting trip! Aldi, the purveyor of food and random products on it's centre aisle, has their popular Baby and Toddler event on again. I was asked to check it out and go buy my favourite things from the sale - here are my top picks! (And if you order stuff and want to save £5 - use this link! You get £5 and I get £5 using this)

It's a very popular event for people stocking up on nappies and wipes, and I got some of these too. I've used them before and thought the quality was great. There are lots of baby sleepsuits and vests as well at very inexpensive prices. 

In addition to these standard items, I quite liked the other selection too - there were so many relevant things for summertime and camping, and there were reusable baby products with Bambino Mio available again. 

Last time there were Bambino Mio reusable nappies - this time Bambino Mio potty training pants and Bambino Mio swimming trunks.  I think it is brilliant that a big event like this is used to generate a bit buzz for reusable nappy products - and they might pop on the radar of people who have never even heard of products like this. I actually knew and my first-born baby five years ago used reusable nappies nearly from birth, but reusable potty training pants - I've only discovered about a month ago that these exist... Anyway, I'm off to check the stores for the potty training pants this weekend, I hope there are some left as they are seeming quite popular! 

As we are going camping, I liked the look of the light-weight travel cot and the baby travel chair. Both very handy for camping, and to be honest, for many kinds of family travel this summer. As these are items that don't get that much use on a day to day basis I'm quite happy to find them a bit cheaper!

Few other items I thought were pretty handy - toddler backpack reins (saved my sanity many times with my older kid), a reward meal time tray (maybe this will be the key to a better eating child this time!), a pushchair stroller clip, and storage baskets. Now, let's see what's our local store offering us this time!

And if you are ordering stuff online and want to save £5 - use this link! You get £5 and I get £5 using this!

Have you been to shop to Aldi and did you check out this store event too?

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  1. I have used Bambino Mio swimming trunks years ago with my son while on holiday they were amazing and it meant less nappies to pack with them being reusable which is always a bonus.I have never seen the potty training pants before but I will keep them in mind as a nursery teacher I think they are perfect for children just starting to potty train.

    1. They seem really good - I'm keen to try reusable potty training pants once we start potty training. It will be a while still of course but good to think ahead! Yes, the swimming trunks are great! I've used them previously and liked them - Splash About are good too, especially for slim-legged babies.


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