What the London Aquarium Halloween is like?

If you've read my blog a while you will know that we love to visit London attractions - and one of our favourite family ones is the SEA LIFE London. We've been a fair few times already, and always love visiting it. This time we were invited to review the Halloween trail at the London Aquarium, or, as it is otherwise known in October, the Ascarium...

I've previously written a mega-post about what SEA LIFE London is like with kids and my top tips for visiting it (including the behind the scenes tour!). I've also shared more photos of the funky jellyfish area, one of my favourite bits. I'm not going to repeat all that here, so check the post out for more detailed tips. What I will say is that 11AM to 3PM gets very busy and there can be a bit of waiting to get good views of the fish. So if you can, it is worth trying to time your entrance outside this peak time.

But now, back to the Ascarium...

At Halloween time the Aquarium turns into Ascarium between 18th October and 3rd November. Expect to see more pumpkins, in and around the tanks, and hear lots of ghouly whispers and cackles over the intercom instead of the usual instrumental elevator music. There are also two competitions running during the Ascarium - a colouring competition and a social media photo sharing comp.

The Aquarium has over the last few years increased additional activities for kids, so there are small play areas for kids and LEGO building activities. These are surprisingly beneficial - it allowed me to stop and enjoy watching the fish and other animals longer as my kid was preoccupied with building a Lego model.

Now with the Ascarium there was also spooky play-do modelling with a friendly witch, and chance to pet some creepy crawlies (although the bugs do need their rest, so may not be around all the time).

ascarium trail

ascarium london

aquarium and letter

smiling at pufferfish

letter at aquarium

with pufferfish


witch london aquarium

In addition to the extra decor and activities, there was a spooky trail for the kids, at the completion of which they can choose between a trick or a treat at the refreshment cafe right after the Penguin enclosure. You grab the trail card at the beginning of the aquarium tour, and try spot large orange letters within the fish tanks. And if you are wondering what you'll get... Well, let's just say that if you are feeling parched after all this work, both the trick and the treat will be very welcome!

While the main attraction and the reason to visit is always the fish, it is quite nice to have a bit of added seasonal flavour too, and this hits the spot. It is a great little seasonal addition to the big old favourite London attraction, and I'd love to see next what they have in mind for Christmas or Easter! Until next time...

Have you been to the London Aquarium yet?

london aquarium shark tank

penguin tank and baby

jellyfish tank

london aquarium crocodile tank

jellyfish and baby

Please note, we got free entrance to the SEALife London Aquarium to be able to review it.

Reviewing the London Aquarium Halloween activities - spooky trail, trick or treat, activities and decor. The Ascarium is back...

Reviewing the London Aquarium Halloween activities - spooky trail, trick or treat, activities and decor. The Ascarium is back...


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