Twinning my girls with Lighthouse Clothing: Review

I love twinning my girls. I have always thought it looks fun and cute so having two girls was a jackpot for my mummy stylist dreams... 

This weekend I twinned the girls with the help of Lighthouse Clothing who asked me to review a few items from their new collections. It can be difficult to find clothing collections that work for an age gap of five years like our girls have. Most clothing collections are from 0 to five, and from three to twelve. My girls are one and six, so the sizes needed are 1-2 and 6-7. Lighthouse Clothing however do kids collections from sizes 1-2 all the way up to 9-10, so plenty of choice!

girls with navy coats

sisters at park

girl pushing a toy pram

From their new collection I chose the girls Emma Coat in Night Sky dark blue as their autumn and winter rain coats. Such a classic and beautiful coat, this had a couple of cute girly touches such as a pink logo and pink striping on the inner seams. I'm liking the stylish little touches, and the coats look great on the girls. 

I was really keen on this coat as it has a 100% cotton outer with a Teflon coating, so it feels nice and breathable on. The coat is highly waterproof at 5000mm, highly breathable at 5000gsm, windproof and has taped seams so is perfect for outdoors adventures. You can tell the coats are high quality when you see them live, and they feel nice to touch. They are slightly padded and have a curved hem, so are warm and protect your bum too if sitting or sliding down something wet. Sizing is accurate, although I got 7-8 for my older one (normally she wears 6-7) as Lighthouse Clothing had only 5-6 or 7-8 sizes. It is slightly large, although should fit her well next year too.

girl in a navy lighthouse clothing rain coat

girls walking in a park in rain coats

The coats feel warm. So far the girls have been fine wearing these, the temperatures near us have been around 5 degrees. The coats might be OK throughout the winter with a woolly sweater underneath, but we shall have to see how cold January will get.  The only downside of these coats is that due to the colour dirt shows easily and I have to wash these near weekly to keep them tidyish. Frequent washing might eventually affect the Teflon coating and thus waterproofing. 

I also got the girls Causeway Tops with the Llama Applique design. These were fun and colourful and the girls love wearing these. The cotton is sturdy and good quality, and should wash very well. The applique was very high quality and had lots of detail to it - such a cute design! With these shirts the fit is quite slim. The shirt fit well on my older child, but the toddler size (size 1-2) was very slim - narrow on the tummy area so it snags, but otherwise length and shoulders were normal. It would have been good if it was more roomy in the toddler sizes due to the usual toddler body shape - had I known the sizing on the shirts was very slim I would have gone for one size bigger.

toddler in a lighthouse clothing coat

girl in a navy lighthouse clothing emma coat

stripey causeway llama top

All in all these were lovely and well-made clothing - I was very pleased with the quality and craftmanship, and they have been well-used in our home and outdoors adventures. The girls enjoy wearing their matching coats and shirts. And as for me - everytime I see them matching and being oh so cute sisters, I just squeal a little inside with delight!

sisters sitting on a sofa reading a book


  1. Aww! How adorable. I miss my girls wearing matching clothes.
    Those coats look so cosy for the winter x

    1. Thanks so much :) I've been very pleased with these coats and the girls LOVE matching! It's nice when they are at this age and can do it still.


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