I didn't make New Years' resolutions, but I did do a "happy list"...

Last year I made a happy list - 11 things that I wanted to do throughout the year as they brought me joy. This year I skipped New Year's resolutions again but I did do that happy list again. Now that it is February it feels like a good time to revisit those few goals for a happy 2020 I made... 

But shall we see first how did I do with my 2019 "happy list"? 

I had decided to do things like having a weekly family tradition, doing yoga, going out exploring London, reading books and using my "good stuff". I had also said I would bake, learn something new, sleep more, tidy my wardrobe, meet new people and keep on taking family photographs.... 

Well, I didn't do too badly really.

We continue to have weekly family pizza and film nights, we've been to loads of things in London London, I've read 13 books (which is not bad all things considering) and I have been using my nice things, so have been using my fancy tops, the expensive perfumes and nice make-up. I've baked a bit, learned how to make wreaths and use TikTok (ooh new social media network), met new people at a book club and various meet-ups, and taken some family photographs. I seem to have skipped yoga and sometimes sleep too, and not really kept up my commitment to family photos up properly. But hey, that's life isn't it!

So this year I want to continue doing things that make me happy, and in order of not of particular importance they are:

1. Keep up with the family night. Often we have homemade pizza, sometimes burgers, and often we watch a film and sometimes we play board games. It is great fun, and while it can be tricky to organise with two over-active kids, it is always worth it. 

2. Keep on reading books. This year I'd formally want to achieve at least 12 books. With full time work and young kids that sounds decent but still achievable. Alongside quicker popular thrillers, I also read classics, sizeable novels and popular science or current affairs books which take a while - so one a month is plenty.

3. Keep on enjoying London. I've loved visiting and seeing new places last year - we've been to the theatre thrice, Shrek's Adventure, Tower of London, London Aquarium, National Army Museum and Secret Cinema twice, all new things, and have visited plenty of old favourites too. This year I plan to visit some of the old favourites like Natural History Museum and British Museum, and maybe the Zoo again. There are so many places to see and things to do here as a family - and I enjoy writing reviews and tips about them here on the blog too. 

4. Learn something new! Last year it was wreath-making and a new social media network, who knows what it will be this year. Crocheting is still tempting me. I also saw a course for arm-knitting which sounds fun!

5.  I want to find more time for blogging. It is a creative pursuit I really like - I enjoy writing for fun and photographing and it is great when people find my blog. I have so many things I want to write about! I do find it difficult to dedicate time for it though, as alas, responsibilities come first. And with two kids, my oh my, aren't there many of them! Life seems to be a never ending cycle of laundry, cooking and commuting. This year I am on a path towards simplifying our lives to make more time for things that matter, and I'd like to dedicate a bit of that time for this too.

So there is my happy list - five things I want to have more in my year 2020. More family time, more fun and more time for my own creative pursuits too.

Really, you could make one of these happy lists any time of the year, so if you skipped New Year's resolutions like I did - try this instead!

What's on your "happy list"?

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