My first virtual bloggers evening with Moonpig!

Few weeks back I attended my first virtual bloggers evening with Moonpig - an online card and gifts delivery service. I've attended quite a few blogger events in the past - living in London it has been easy to arrange, and seeing blogger buddies and learning about new products and services has always been one of the highlights of blogging for me. 

Now I got to attend my very first virtual Zoom blogger party and we had loads of fun, learning first about the Moonpig app and all that Moonpig offers. We then had a masterclasses on making drinks and arranging flowers, using some of the products you can actually order from Moonpig as gifts which was pretty cool. 

Moonpig products for blogger party

Learning about the Moonpig app

We got testing the Moonpig app. Everyone probably knows and has that annoying ad jingle ingrained in their brain - I know I do! I don't go on my desktop all that much anymore though, so using apps on my phone makes things so much easier when you have a busy life on the go. It is well worth downloading the Moonpig app for any of your card / gift needs and there are good money off deals currently too! 

There were a few features I really liked about the app - 

  • you can schedule and pay your cards for at least a few months ahead so if you are a seriously organised person (unlike me) you can tick this off your to-do-list!
  • you can set scheduled reminders - quite useful for us mere mortals!
  • you can send cards abroad as well, so this helps people like me with friends and family outside UK;
  • for the cards you can search by all kinds of categories, personalise them with names, special messages, your own photos and size, and can even see the final product in a VR setting to know exactly how big and beautiful it'll be;
  • and for kids cards, if you select "activity" cards, you can find those ones with colouring sheets inside;
  • you can add a message using your hand-writing - write a note on a blank piece of paper and take a photo of it and it scans inside the card! This was very cool, although available on iOS only at the moment;
  • and I didn't actually realise that in addition to the card, you can also order flowers and other gifts too!

gin and cocktail ingredients and shakers

zoom party with moonpig and bloggers

Making gin cocktails and learning bartender skills

After testing the Moonpig app we got on with the masterclasses, starting with a cocktail masterclass. In this class we were taught by James from Mix & Twist three different gin drinks, using a very nice bottle of Silent Pool gin (actually available on Moonpig gift selection too!). These were so tasty, and despite only making two of these on the night I was getting a bit tipsy by the end of the class. These can be made alcohol-free as well by the way - just replace the gin with equal amount of cranberry juice. The recipes below. 

  • Gin Garden:  45ml Gin, 25ml lime juice, 25ml sugar syrup, 1 inch piece of cucumber cut in pieces, crush in glass, add 6-7 leaves of mint and ice, and top with soda. 
  • Elderflower Collins: 45ml Gin, 25ml lemon, 25ml sugar syrup, shake with ice, and top with Elderflower soda.
  • Strawberry Gimlet: 3-4 strawberries, 45ml Gin, 25ml lime, 25ml sugar syrup, 25ml cranberry juice. Shake with ice and strain.

I've since made the Strawberry gimlet quite a few times... 

pink peonies

Arranging flowers with a florist

The final class we had was a flower arrangement class with Moonpig's own florist Roxanne - and we were sent the Luxury Peony and Rose bouquet from Moonpig selections. I've recently been a big fan of sending flowers as gifts, and indeed, been a big fan of receiving them as gifts too. It was useful to hear some tips on how to make them last longer, such as 

  • removing leaves that would be underwater when the bouquet is in a vase;
  • cutting an inch or so off the stems in a 45 degree angle;
  • using the flower feed and refreshening the water every two to three days;
  • when arranging your own bouquet, you start with the main items (in our case the peonies), then add the supporting flowers (roses in our bouquet), and as a final touch all the other flourishes, like little flowers and foliage;
  • if you arrange the stems in an interlocking fashion, so let them cross when arranging, the bouquet stays in place properly. 

woman with two gin drinks

All in all - a fun and quite the educational evening with Moonpig - thanks for inviting me!


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