What to do with Harry Potter Magical Capsules?

A new collectible you say? My lucky seven year old Harry Potter- fan received a PR sample of the new collectible toy from KapToys so we could review it here on the blog. This post contains a review of the new Harry Potter Magical Capsules collectible toy, as well as instructions for how to open it. As we all know, kids love to grab these collectible toys and just rip them open, but this particular toy... You get so much more out of it if you know what you are supposed to do! (This post may contain affiliate links.) 

girl looking at a toy

harry potter magical capsules toy

girl opening a toy

harry potter magical capsules crest


After opening the toy, my seven year old reviewer said of the Magical Capsules: "Really good. I like playing with it". 

OK, so seven year olds don't tend to be the most descriptive, so here are my thoughts from a parental perspective! 

At £9.99 RRP this is quite the normal price for a collectible toy. Overall, there are lots of little packages to open, there is good attention to detail in the wrapping (they look like Hogwarts letters), and the toys feel like good quality. After several days of opening the toy, my child still plays with them at times. The toys look quite cute, so would appeal to kids of all ages. We got Harry Potter, and there were also a suitcase, Hedwig the owl, a letter and a wand included with Harry Potter doll. 

The idea of the toy is that you open the packages in a sequence - first the number 1 compartment, then number 2, then number 3 and work yourself from the smallest package to the biggest, all the while getting more clues as to what your character will be. Unfortunately, the box does not contain instructions on this, so had I not sat with my kid supervising/reviewing the item, she would just have opened the biggest package first, and not get the point. She would also have struggled to understand what to do with the first clues (one you have to warm up, the second, make wet). 

So great idea but execution less so. It would be good to include proper instructions in the shrink wrapping, maybe even pointing the child with arrows where to open it first. Not all kids will have seen a video of the toy first. 

harry potter magical capsules first clue

harry potter magical capsules first clue

harry potter magical capsules second clue

harry potter magical capsules little toys in bags

harry potter magical capsules little toys and clues opened


1. Get rid of shrink wrapping and find the compartment labelled with 1 first. There you will find a crest. Warming this up with your finger will reveal the house colour, giving you your first clue. We got red.
2. Go to compartment 2 next. Here you will find a spell written in magic ink... You will have to dip the spell scroll in water first! Ours was Expelliarmus. 
3. Then you get to compartment 3. Several little packages there and one big one. Start with the little ones! All the little packages will give you more clues as to who your character is. My kid guessed by the spell already that it might be Harry Potter, and this was confirmed with the owl. 
4. Confirm your suspicions by opening the biggest bag! 
5. The toys can be housed in their crest - very handy to keep them safe, as the little toys (especially the wand) go missing easily. 

Overall, a fun little toy. Gets opened quickly, but for Harry Potter fans it will be a fun experience and as the toys are good quality, they will last well when played with. Would be improved by clear instructions written on the package, so in the absence of it, help from parents is important. 

girl with harry potter magical capsules toy

harry potter magical capsules opened toy - harry potter figure

Have you seen these toys yet? You can buy them now on KapToyspreorder them on Amazon UK, or if you are in US, ToyWiz.com has them too on preorder. They will soon also be stocked by all major retailers such as supermarkets, so keep your eyes open!


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