What is Halloween at Legoland like? All you need to know about Brick or Treat

Ever been to a Legoland in October? We went for the first time this year, and I wanted to share a quick review of Legoland Halloween and explain what it included. Different Legoland theme parks may have a variety of Halloween activities - for example Legoland Billund in Denmark includes after-dark rides!  

We visited Legoland Windsor in UK, so in this post I mainly talk about Legoland UK Halloween.  Our family included mum, dad and two kids aged nine and four, so most activities were available for us. 

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legoland brick or treat sign with kids in front

Does Legoland do anything for Halloween?

All Legoland theme parks have a Halloween event - in the UK this is called Brick or Treat! Other countries may use different names, but they all tend to take place for the whole of October. The different Legoland theme parks may have slightly different activities, costs and shows.  

What is Brick or Treat at Legoland?

Brick or Treat is the name for the Legoland UK Halloween event hosted in October each year. This event includes variety of Halloween-themes shows and character meets, and the very popular free trick or treating experience where kids can collect treats!

When does Halloween start at Legoland?

In UK Legoland Windsor hosts Halloween event Brick or Treat between 1st and 31st October. The opening hours are shorter than during the summer months, so check ahead! Usually weekdays are 10-4PM and weekends 10-5PM. 

What are the activities for Legoland UK Halloween?

The Legoland Windsor was open as normal, so all the usual rides were open and available. There were additional things too... The Halloweeny fun at Legoland Windsor included several new things which in 2022 were: 

  • Monster Street. This was trick or treating Legoland style. In Legoland UK this was free, and kids got a chocolate, a pop badge and a small Lego model (pumpkin in 2022)
  • Monster Jam show at the Harbour. This was a show with the Lego Girls at Halloween, who joined a jam with a Monster band. characters appearing were zombie cheerleader, werewolf, yeti, and Lord Vampyre. Great fun for younger kids. 
  • Monster Miniland Show. We didn't see this, but it includes various Monster characters. 
  • Monster meet-ups. These are various Lego monsters, and are meant to happen around the theme park. However, we didn't spot any and there was no information given where they might be so most likely luck of the draw. 
  • The Great Monster Hunt 4D film at Lego Studios. This was a Lego inspired 4D film set around the Legoland theme park. Good fun, and includes water and smoke effects! I'd advise bringing some tissues to wipe the seats. 
  • Halloween touches at Miniland. I very much recommend having a good look at the Miniland for spotting pumpkin patches and vampires and ghouls dotted around. Lots to see. Rather apt that the USA-section seemed to have plenty of these so if you struggle to find any, check the White House. 
  • Haunted House Monster Part ride! This is an all year around ride, but a perfect addition for a Halloween inspired Legoland visit so well worth a visit. 
The shows are different each year, and the trick or treating experience can vary too. In the past it has been a scavenger hunt, and has been in a different location so do always check with the latest map! 

How were the queues at Legoland Windsor during Halloween?

We visited on the weekend. The queues were very short at the start of the day, during midday and afternoon they got quite long in some popular rides. That said, using the app and selecting shorter queue times helped us make the most of the day. Overall the queues were much shorter than at summer and it was a more pleasant experience! 

legoland halloween show for kids

inside the legoland haunted house monster party ride

Review of Legoland UK Halloween event

The Halloween event at Legoland Windsor is called Brick or Treat - and it is well worth attending.  It is possibly even more fun than during summer, as the queues are shorter and you get more rides during your visit. It felt quieter and calmer, although it was busy during the midday and early afternoon. We visited on a relatively warm (for October) and dry day.

The additional Halloween touches are nice -  Miniland exhibition was particularly fun and we enjoyed spotting different Halloween models within the usual exhibitions. The trick or treating experience (Monster Street) was great for the kids, and they got a small Lego model to take home. No instructions, but we figured loads of orange bricks with one smaller green one must have been a pumpkin! This was free, and a really great little treat for kids. It was also nice that the shows and 4D film had a Halloween twist to them, but if any little ones are too scared, the Duplo Valley had usual fairytale shows available too.  

Overall a great fun day out, and one I would be happy to go again. 

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