7 April 2018

"The best Easter ever!" said our daughter

This Easter we tried something a bit different. We did our Easter egg hunt at our local park - and had some very special non-chocolate Easter eggs to boot too. 

On Monday (no judging, we were just too tired on the Sunday!) we finally decided to grab the bits and bobs I had prepped and go and stage an Easter egg hunt. Somewhat unluckily, after a fairly nice Sunday, it was actually raining on Monday. But as needs must and our daughter insisted, the hunt had to be done and off we went baskets in hand. 

As the whole family drudged ahead in the drizzle avoiding puddles as best they could, mummy went ahead to check whether she could see Easter Bunny anywhere. Luckily, after about 5 minutes of quick staging, mummy could announce that she saw the tufty tail of the Easter Bunny disappear behind a bush and that it looked like he had been leaving some clues in the park... 

easter egg hunt sign

girl finding an easter egg

Easter egg and a sign saying start here

little girl holding an Easter egg

Easter egg with sign this way

Little girl picking up an Easter egg under a tree

Easter egg hunt sign saying go back

She absolutely loved the hunt for the Easter eggs - as non-chocolate prizes we had filled these little see-through Easter chicks with a variety of small items. There were Easter stickers, bunny hairbands, bunny hair clips, some little princess bracelets, little Easter decorations and two new bag decorations, a fluffy Easter chick and a fluffy bunny. It was so much fun, and she shrieked with joy as she found the little chicks filled with special gifts.

I would definitely recommend this approach, as we always feel like post-Easter is spent in a slump of chocolate. As the non-chocolate gifts I tried to choose little things that would either keep her occupied (stickers) or were anyway needed (you can never have too many hair clips!), and admittedly, did pick up some small bits and bobs from her toy box that she hadn't played with in ages and had forgotten all about. 

little girl smiling

little girls holding a fluffy easter chick toy

little girl with fluffy easter chick toy

It was getting quite wet in the end and us parents were glad to start making our way home. As we did though she insisted she would have to check the last few remaining potential hiding places. Because maybe, just maybe, the Easter Bunny had left a few eggs in this flower field. Or perhaps in that other flower field... She enjoyed it so much she didn't really want it to end! It didn't matter that it was drizzling, it didn't matter that she had already soaked her wellies and trousers by jumping in the puddles - it was all about the egg hunt now. 

little girl holding a basket of easter eggs

little girl walking amongst flowers

And as we got home I asked her if the Easter Bunny should have left her chocolates... And apparently, no, the toys were much more fun and that this was "The best Easter ever!".

Did you do an Easter egg hunt?


  1. Good on you for toughing it out in the wet weather. Looks like she had a fabulous time. I love the little signs, so cute! #countrykids

  2. This is a great idea - I love the idea of staging it in a park and also using non chocolate gifts. Great fun :) #countrykids

  3. Such fab fun and I love your pictures too. My kids done a little hunt on the Sunday at a club near my Dad's house, they found loads! #CountryKids

  4. looks like a great Easter Egg hunt - my son still loves the one we do here too #CountryKids

  5. This looks like a lot of fun - I love that you went on a bunny hunt first

  6. What a fab activity for you all to enjoy, Easter Egg hunts are always such a big and I love the look of these non-chocolate hunts! Your little girl looks so excited to be finding them throughout the park. The idea of a Bunny hunt first sounds fab as well!

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids this week.

  7. glad your daughter enjoyed it despite the rain. looks like a great hunt. #countrykids

  8. Aww look at that smile! And you have the cutest Easter egg ever too. SO worth doing in spite of the rain. #countrykids

  9. Aah, how lovely to hear that she enjoyed it so much! Great work in the rainy weather! x


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