What happened in our lives in March 2018?

Well - Easter is sure one thing that happened! We don't really celebrate Easter much, although we do give into chocolate and we do enjoy the long long weekend. Two-day weekends are just far too short, I never feel like I have managed to recuperate enough for the following week of work, so a long bank holiday break was very welcome. 

Easter blackboard with easter egg drawn on it

I have been:
  • Coming up with new Easter things for us - and planning a non-chocolate Easter egg hunt! Some other things planned are baking bunny buncakes and of course some more blackboard art. 
  • Feeling the baby kick more and more - it is crazy feeling and seeing those strong movements and makes me remember we are going to get a new little one here soon!
  • I have been impatiently waiting for the start of my maternity leave, and pretty much counting the days. Not long to go anymore, just a few more weeks. Can't wait. 
  • At work I am starting to turn towards finalising things, thinking about handover, finishing long-standing mini-projects and generally just feeling like I am ready to move on. I've already said I want to move teams when coming back, so I get to try something new. 
  • As far as pregnancy goes, I've been feeling really good. Getting more tired now yes, but as opposed to previous months, I've actually felt healthy and normal, which has been such a change! No aches or pains of which I am very grateful for.  

family picture in front of easter blackboard

Aili has been:
  • Loving bunnies. Anything to do with bunnies is her thing now. She has long loved them, but her fascination with all-things-bunny has really ramped up recently. apparently she wants to have a bunny birthday... 
  • Drawing - everyday we get fantastic little drawings. I am loath to throw any of them away but we are drowning in paper!
  • Writing - she absolutely loves writing and we get little notes of all sorts all the time. She is particularly keen on writing stories now. 
  • For the World Book Day Aili wrote and illustrated her own book, "The cow girl is happy" and went as the cow girl. In the book there was a queen, king, prince and princess. Princess went for some travels with a unicorn, met lion cubs, went on a swing with her prince brother, and got a balloon and there was a rainbow. It was a fantastic little book. Next thing to practice is to have a beginning, a middle and the end to the story!
  • Consequently, for her Easter holiday homework, she had to do a book report. She did it about her own book...  

girl pointing at an easter egg drawn on a blackboard

My husband has:
  • Enjoyed getting his back finally sorted and going back to rugby. Unfortunately the joy didn't last long as he then broke his little finger after just three training sessions. 
  • Loved feeling the baby move - especially kick directed at his hand. 
  • Been happy that I have been feeling much better now with my pregnancy - it isn't easy when your other half is constantly feeling a bit under the weather!
  • Had so much fun at the Secret Cinema Blade Runner we went to last weekend - it was such a fun experience for both of us!
  • Making a paper guitar for Aili to go with her World Book Day costume - and of course being a very proud father seeing his little girl write her own book!

How was your March?


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