I'm 37 weeks pregnant. Full-term. On maternity leave. And very excited!

First things first. 


I really can't believe I am already 37 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has just passed by ridiculously fast like I mentioned the last time I wrote about my pregnancy. 10 weeks ago. I was hoping to write more about the pregnancy as I went along but you know, full-time job, an older kid and the general hustle and bustle just got in the way.

mum posing with pregnancy belly and light box

Last Friday was my last day at work. It is weird being back home now, with nothing other than baby stuff to do. And don't get me wrong - I have PLENTY of baby stuff to do. Still need to sort out the cot, the pram, the car seat, the clothes, the hospital bag, nursery, visiting the maternity ward... You know, bits and bobs. Bits and bobs I tell myself not to get too stressed which might push out the baby out sooner rather than later. *shudder*

In that sense I am glad I am now on maternity leave, but on the other hand, it does also feel weird. I was completing a big project at work and didn't quite manage to finish it. Almost done, but not quite dusted, and it bothers me a little bit. But such is life. On Friday before I left we discussed keeping in touch scheme, KIT days and so on, and got a lovely little gift for my new baby. 

child looking at a pregnant mum

child hugging a pregnant mum

As for how the pregnancy has gone, I have been keeping remarkably well over the third trimester. Nothing to complain of. I haven't felt big at all, in fact, I am quite comfortable. Sure, touching my toes is a bit difficult and bending over to pick stuff off the floor is getting uncomfortable, but I am moving and shaking just fine, perhaps a little slower. No pains, no aches. Sleeping fairly well, with minimum nightly bathroom breaks.  I was actually thinking that I could very well have continued working much later, had I had my baby prep ducks in a row and known that I would be so well ahead of time. The only issue I've had have been swollen feet - especially in the heat.

The baby has been moving very very strongly - I quite often have had fairly painful movements and they have been very very visible from outside. It's been almost like in Alien. This one is a real wriggler. I have nearly yelped a few times with unsuspected kicks, and I am particularly tired of the long stretches where the little one seems to extend both legs and arms at the same time...

showing a pregnant belly

Aili, my nearly five year old princess, has been very very excited about the newcomer. Everyday she wants to give a cuddle to the baby. She creeps into our room in the morning to cuddle the baby (i.e. my tummy), gives it a kiss at each school drop-off, and wants to sing a lullaby song to it when I put her to bed. It is so unbearably sweet.

She has also been writing some letters to the baby, which are not quite so sweet, one saying "I know baby is bad" and has made a sign for her room door denying her baby sibling the entrance. So as far as welcoming her new sibling goes, we shall see. I am sure she will be very happy, although the excitement might wear off after night time wake-ups and baby crying. We shall see.

mum holding a light box with 37 weeks written on it

But yes, I am very very excited, and looking forward to both prepping for the baby now, and meeting our newcomer! Exciting times!

When did you start prepping for your babies?


  1. Not long to go now - it doesn't seem very long ago that I read your blog post announcing that you were having another baby! Love the photos of you with Aili - so beautiful. I love how excited she is about having a new sibling even if some of the letters aren't quite so sweet - it's a good preparation for sibling life though! Hope all goes well when your little one arrives x

    1. Thanks so much Louise! It has been such a lovely and relatively easy pregnancy - but ended up in a bit of a drama queen baby though ha ha! Aili is loving her little sister nonetheless :D


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