My 2015: Well-being - Fallback February

Last month I wrote about my year of well-being and how I was planning to for habits and take theme each month. In January my theme was was forming habits. In February my theme was supposed to be de-cluttering but, well, life happened. Exciting life happened, and we found a house, we bid for the house, we negotiated on the price, and our offer was accepted and mortgage applications and scrambling together all manners of paperwork ensued. 
Now the whole process is in its final stages, and we are waiting for the final bits of paperwork and checks on the house to be completed before finally signing on the dotted line... SCARY!

Because February was a pretty busy month, my whole well-being theme nearly went out of the window. I promised to do de-cluttering, and instill some new habits but... It wasn't a disaster, but certainly not great either. Here's is my list of how I did in February.

mum and daughter on a park slide

1. Lunch time yoga. Yes, one of the few things I consistently did...
2. Gym. I schedule two gym session a week - Wednesday and Friday lunchtime.  In February I was so tired (see number 5) I hardly entered the gym. I did try to keep up with exercise and went for little walks to the park instead.
3. Eating better at work. When I get tired, I eat far too much rubbish. The communal snack jar at work was my arch-nemesis this month, but I did pack lots of fruit to take to work too.
4. Being more organised. (This was about making lunch in advance and packing my bag the night before) Was pretty bad on this front and ate out a bit too much. I did try to go for the healthy option, like fish and vegs or sushi when I did get lunch out. 
5. Getting to bed early. Far too many late nights, far too many things to do, and then far too knackered the next day to accomplish much. A vicious circle. 
6. Weekend mummy-daughter time. We did go out sometimes, but didn't make this into a habit unfortunately.
7. Lunch time experiences. (This was about going out and seeing museums or exhibitions and stuff during lunch). I didn't do any of this... But I did go for walks occasionally which I suppose is better than dining al desco every day.  
8. Being even more organised. (This was about getting my work outfits ready the night before)
9. Decluttering. Well, I did chuck some things away, but being honest, I did a pretty poor effort on this front too.

toddler girl sliding down a park slide

So rather than de-cluttering, my February theme ended up being fallback. But nevermind, I will pick up my well-being quest this month in March!  

For March I will concentrate on:
1. Going to the gym and doing my weekly yoga.
2. De-cluttering - a bag of clothes and a bag of paper (magazines, books etc.) minimum.
3. Being in bed by midnight the latest. 

Three goals - even if this month is busy (as it feels like it is turning out to be with us going skiing soon and sorting out the last house bits) these goals are doable and will get me back on track... So onwards from Fallback February and towards a happier, healthier March!

How are your New Year's Resolutions/Themes going?


  1. Your February sounds a lot like mine Sanna!! Try not to beat yourself up - it sounds to me like you've done well in places - getting along to yoga is a lot better than me ;) I've changed my approach and stopped relying on my self discipline and I'm getting help (see my post yesterday!), and as a result of super early mornings I'm often in bed by 8pm now!! I do love my sleep ;) Good luck with March lovely xx

    1. Thanks for hosting :) And getting help must be pretty useful! I checked out your post, looking real good. Maybe I should try something like that - I have been thinking that in the minimum I should get someone to do a gym routine for me, as I am a bit clueless with the weights. But wow, you seem to be doing really well with it! Good luck!

  2. p.s. thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  3. I think having a smaller goals list is more obtainable. I started off with a few too many resolutions like you and have only achieved one or two things! Good luck :) #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thank you - it is tough, but I am confident it will go well in the end. I am trying to focus more on the big picture, rather than little setbacks here and there. Good luck with your resolutions too!


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