A little letter to my big girl

Dear Aili,

Exactly 2 year ago, at 16:58 you were born, just couple of miles from our home.

You were a tiny little squishy thing. We got your pictures taken in the hospital and your cannula hand was hidden behind a teddy bear, but you can still see the silly little sock you had covering it. You used to sleep lots, you cried like a little wolf cub, and could lift your head up even as a newborn.

We were always amazed how fast you developed. When you were two months old I left you on the floor in your baby gym. A moment later you were stuck under neath a table after moving over a meter all by yourself, kicking along on your back. At four months you started crawling, and at six months you stood up all by yourself. You took your first steps when you were 10 months old.

Now you are a big girl. A little big girl, a little miss independent, wanting to do everything yourself. You put your own clothes on, your own shoes, climb in your highchair. You walk, you run and you climb on things. There is no stopping you.

You love chatting in your own little language. "Na-na noise" means what's that noise and "delish" means delicious. You understand two languages, and say some words from both, but sometimes it feels there is a third one you speak. Hopefully you will soon learn how to properly speak them both. Maybe it is the bilingual thing, or the old saying about babies being either walkers or talkers, but I wish we could have proper chats with you. I bet you would be so much fun to talk with. 

Meeting new people is your favourite thing - you say hello to practically everyone (although it sounds like "harrow"), you wave "bye-bye bus" to the doubledeckers, and you try to make friends everytime we see another child in the park. You go to them, say hello, try to hold their hands, and are persistent even if they are shy and try to get away. 

It is incredible how big you have become. It feels like it was just a moment ago when you were that skinny little squish, and now you are standing tall with your curly hair, laughing and singing and dancing. It was just a few blinks ago when you could just about shake a rattle. Now you feed your teddies, pretend you are a plane when you see one and invite us to have a little pretend nap in your princess castle. Your personality is growing, and you are a sweet little girl, friendly and funny. 

I have so much fun whenever you are around, and I can't wait to get to know you more. And at the same time I wish you could stay my squishy little baby forever...

Love you Aili, forever and always. 



  1. Paljon onnea Pikkuneitille ja koko perheelle! Luin ja silmät kostui kyynelistä, niin kauniisti kirjoitettu...

    1. Kiitoksia, oli oikein mukavat synttarit :)

      Ja kylla sina Biancat osaat aina ilahduttaa kommenteillasi, ihana :)


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