Little chats with my toddler girl - the ordinary moments

I love having a chat with my little girl. She is still so little there aren't many things she can say yet.  What she does say, doesn't always make sense to anyone else than me and her daddy. They say that kids are either walkers or talkers. Well, she has always been a runner...

We do have our little conversations nonetheless. We talk about different noises we hear - as we live in London we often hear planes around. We talk about where people are. We talk about where things go and about rubbish. We do talk about lots of things, even if it might not be apparent to anyone within an earshot. 

The little phrases she says make me gushy and I wish I never forget how she says them. Maybe someday I will try to film her, but for now I will just record them here on my blog. 

The things Aili says:

"Na na noishe?" - means What's that noise?
"Plaaaaaane" - means Plane
"Wa wa wii youuu?" - means Where are you?  
"Ba ba bin!" - means To the bin! 
"Kyek" - means Milk
"Swish" - means Splash, often coinciding with either muddy puddles outside or bath time...
"Mo Mummy!" - means No Mummy / I don't like it / I hate it / no no no / stop.
"Nunninni" - means her favourite plush toy Snork Maiden from Moomins (we call it Niiskuneiti in Finnish, which sort of could be translated into toddlers speak as Nunninni)

She can also say some single words, like dummy, mummy, daddy, no, park, out, down, up, cugle (cuddle), juice, wawa (water). Some of them she says only in English, some only in Finnish, and a few of them she says in  both languages. We are trying to raise her bilingual so it is wonderful to hear her say words in both languages, and she understands both languages very well.  

A very typical conversation we might have when walking to the park goes something like this... In fact, I think we had pretty much this conversation today!

"Na na noishe?"
"It's a plane. Look, up there."
"Wheeeeee, plaaaane!".
"Yes, plane, exciting isn't it. It flies up in the sky, just like we do when we go for a holiday."
"No no no, not in those shoes, you need wellies if you want to jump in puddles!"
"Oh... Stick!"
"Yes, it is a stick. Nice stick!"
"Stick, stick, stick!"
"Yes it is a cat. Pretty cat, but don't touch, the cat is sleeping."
"OK, just a little cuddle, then let's walk again. To the park!"
"Park! Yeeeeh!"

I might be a bit sad when she stops asking me "Na na noishe" or "Wa wa whii youuu", but I am also looking forward to having proper little chats with her, asking her questions and really getting to know her and her personality and the way she thinks. I am even looking forward to the endless stream of why questions, and finding out about the little things that she wonders about. My little girl is growing up, so fast, and I love getting to know her better and better, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. 

Do your little ones have any catch phrases?


  1. Lovely photos! I miss those toddler conversations, Ez is now really quite easy to understand, he's still funny though :)

    1. I love having chats with older kids too - they are always so funny and surprisingly insightful too often. You can have such great conversations with kids, they can really make you laugh :)

  2. Aw I love these little toddler conversations, and I think it's absolutely wonderful that you are raising her bilingually. I wish that we could with our girls, we have a few friends who have bilingual children and I just think it's absolutely amazing. My little girl was born in 2013, but February and she has all of a sudden started saying lots more than she did. I love to hear her little voice, it's just so cute hearing the things she comes out with. x

    1. Maybe it is the age - my little one is about four months younger than yours and we too have had an explosion of words recently. OK, not many of them are clear what they mean and mostly it is just me and hubby that understand her, but it is great to hear her speak more and more :)

      It is lovely when you can finally have a conversation with your child (and I ope I'll be able to do it in two languages in the future!) :)

  3. Aww how cute!! The little noises are just adorable when they start having a go at words - video her talking now because it changes so fast and the days when my Kitty would go around half quoting her stories went before we realised they were going.

    1. I think I will have too, they are just way too sweet for us not to :) I will definitely try to capture her speaking, although she isn't very compliant nowadays when I try filming her :D

      In the future I would love to record her stories and write them down as well, I think those would be fun to read when she is a bit older :)

  4. This is adorable! I love toddler words. I can't wait for my little man to start talking, he's definitely a runner too! I'm hoping for his first word any day now (although he may have said Dada and 'oh bump!' already) So great that you're raising her bilingual, my sister-in-law is Spanish and they're going to raise my little nephew bilingually.

    1. Ha ha, yeah you can definitely see that in kids, some are so advanced at talking and others are much more physical. It is more rare for a child to be both I think, tends to be one or the other.

      I remember it was tricky to recognise that "first word" - my hubby thinks her first word was something else than what I _know_ it to have been ;P

  5. So cute. Me too, my little conversations with my twins are the best. And no-one knows what they are saying except me! So sweet. Jess x

    1. It is so funny isn't it - almost like a secret language between you and your children :) I used to always wonder how could anyone understand toddler speak but I know now :)

  6. It is amazing when you start to get that insight into their minds that talking offers. Special times :)
    x Alice

    1. It is, and I am so looking forward to having proper chats with her when she is older :) I can already tell she'll be a laugh! :)

  7. It's funny how we all long for our little ones to reach the next stage of their development and it often reminds me of something a friend of mine once said -

    'When your kids are young, you teach them to walk and talk. When they grow up, you tell them to sit down and shut up!'

    I've not quite reached that stage yet, but they are most definitely more fun now that they are running around and having fun conversations with us.

    Whatever stage they are at, they will always have their ups and downs. We should just enjoy it, no matter what.

    1. Ha ha I always forget the hastags too :D

      I've never heard that saying but it does ring true. It is a shame isn't it, a bit sad... I do hope I will never do that though, but always will encourage her to be her inquisitive and noisy self :)

      It is weird but the older she gets the more fun and more lovely she gets - it just keeps on getting better and better, which is pretty amazing when it was wonderful to begin with already :)

  8. Those little toddlerisms are so adorable. I love "na na noishe?" - such a cute way of asking what the noise is and how lovely that you are getting definite words in both Finnish and English too. Thanks for sharing with #ftmob :-)


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