Our summer holiday in Finland

We've just returned from a two week holiday to Finland. Well, OK, we returned about three weeks ago but it has taken a while to get into the routine back home, starting to sort through my photographs from Finland, dealing with the house renovations, and other life admin type of stuff. This time it was just me and the little one travelling as hubby had to stay behind and do dot and dabbing, and fitting and other fun and exciting things back home.

Going to Finland for the summer is always enjoyable. It reminds me of all those summers from my childhood and teens when we'd go and sit in the park, chat with friends, forget everything about any worries we might have, go for a dip in a lake and wonder at the midnight sun. We would just relax and be.  Enjoy the summer, be it hot, sunny, rainy, or cloudy, and just be. Present.

During this holiday we did the regular Finnish summer things. Relaxed at the summer house on the countryside. Barbecued sausages and drank ice cold cider. Lounged in the warmth of a wood burner sauna. Bought fresh pea shoots at the market and peeled and ate them while walking around the town. Spotted seagulls and kingfishers at the seaside. Met friends, ate ice cream, slept late. You know, the stuff summers are made of - fun and relaxation.

Here are some of the pictures from our holiday. They make me think of the warm summer days, light-filled evenings and fresh countryside air we enjoyed over our two weeks in Finland. There are hundreds of them, but little by little I'll go through them and post some travel related posts - you can find them all under travel and Finland.

Have you had your summer holidays already? How were they? 


  1. This looks so lovely - the perfect way to spend summers with kids, especially with all the beautiful scenery and water Thanks for linking up to #mondayescapes

    1. Thanks for hosting . It was a lovely visit, and very peaceful to be on the country side too :)

  2. I'd love to visit Finland one day. Sounds like you've had a relaxing time, exactly what holidays are for! #mondayescapes

    1. It is so worth a visit - I love summertime there, but winter is alright too if you like snow :)


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