A little life update and a serendipitous day at Calthorpe Project

I wrote a little life update the last time when we had just moved from our old house to stay with the in-laws. It was a hectic time. We were about to move to our new house in a few weeks and I was planning lots of activities for October, including a Halloween party for us and or friends to commemorate our new home. My husband was planning on going on a holiday with the bub and his side of the family.

We moved in mid-October. The husband buggered off on his holiday leaving me with a stack of cardboard boxes and a construction site to clean. You may have noticed that I haven't been updating my blog for a while now - it is because I have been sweeping, hoovering, dusting, lifting, stacking and assembling any spare minute I have. Oh yes, and doing that other little thing called a full time job. I have been updating my progress on social media, so if you are wondering how far I have managed to chip into the huge load that is moving house, hop over to my Facebook or Instagram.

Because I haven't been taking too many photos recently, my camera batteries have been exhausted and my camera charger is probably in a cardboard box labelled miscallenious (so this sorry state of affairs might take a while...) I thought I'd share a few pictures from an outing me and Aili had in the summertime.

I sometimes just like to go with the flow. Follow the lead of Miss Serendipity. While it is sometimes necessary to straight jacket your day so you manage to get something done, sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice to let the universe decide what to throw your way. To see what adventure is waiting for you.

We had just left Coram's Fields where we had spent a few hours running, climbing and playing. As we were walking to a children's fashion trade show, I thought Aili would happily doze off in her pram. Well, she had something else in mind, and insisted on walking. So walk we went. Until we walked past the gates of Calthorpe Project. I used to live near by, but I had never seen it before, and as Aili physically pulled me in I figured why not. Let's see what it has to offer us.  

calthorpe project gates

calthorpe project garden

calthorpe project mosaic pavement road

So in we went, one weary toddler and one weary mother. We ended up in the midst of a children's cooking event, a charity sale for a Spanish kids club, eating Colombian homemade foods, and just playing for a good couple of hours more with some new friends. I've had my fair share of wild adventures in my heyday - nowadays I am quite happy with these little adventures, like tasting my first ever empanada and walking around a new little park I have never heard of before. 

And it was lovely. Letting the day take us where it wants, letting go, and enjoying the moments as they come. 

And hey, if you are wondering about that Halloween party we were planning... I think we will be too busy trying to get our house in order to contemplate anything planned, but we will see where the day will take us!

So, do you plan your day out, or let things pan out naturally?


  1. Looks like a lovely way of enjoying the day 😀

    1. It was :) I was knackered afterwards though!

  2. What a lovely community area. Love the sound of all the activities. Little adventures are just as good. Bah! Who needs a party to enjoy Halloween? #CountryKids

    1. It was lovely - they even had small allotments for people to grow vegetables in :) I do love the little adventures, always so re freshening to do something unexpected :)

  3. What a fabulous day out in the sunshine, it's always fun to have these little adventures with your kids. Big adventures may be more exciting but the little adventures are the ones they'll always remember. Aili looks like she enjoyed her afternoon exploring the Calthorpe Project with you. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

    1. I think you can have just so many lovely little moments with your kids - and sometimes it feels that even te smallest of everyday moments get turned into adventures in the eyes of the little ones :) thanks for hosting! :)


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