Our Christmas 2015 - hosting Christmas in our new home

This Christmas was quite special. It was the first Christmas we shared as a family in our new home. It was the first time we bought our own Christmas tree. And it was the first time we hosted Christmas for the whole extended family. It was lovely, albeit a bit chaotic at times trying to feed 12 mouths and enjoy a proper sit down meal.  Last year we spent our Christmas in Finland, relaxing at my parents forest lodge, so this year the experience was wholly different. 

The fully stuffed stocking started the day. Everything else except the clementine in the toe of her stocking was met with excited squeals. 

The rest of the morning was spent in furious cooking and cleaning sessions. Husband took on the responsibility of cooking, as I am no domestic goddess, and I proceeded with tidying and hosting. On our menu we had Gordon Ramsay's maple and mustard glazed ham and brussel sprouts with pancetta, Heston Blumenthal's slow roasted rib of beef and thyme-honey-glazed carrots, and Jamie Olivers pork-sage-onion-chesnut stuffing with some added cranberries, alongside the usual goose fat roasted potatoes and balsamic vinegar-thyme mixed vegetables.

Just thinking about the dinner makes my mouth still water. It was just perfect, just the way Christmas food should be. 

After the huge dinner we got to the presents... The amount of presents was just silly, and Aili was in seventh heaven with all the lovely new things she got. A new bike, a "dancing" dress, Crayola, a little market stand, toys, clothes, everything a toddler girl could possibly ever need. After unwrapping each present she shouted out "Amazing! Lucky girl!", bless her little heart.

It was a lovely Christmas and while hosting definitely is quite stressful, maybe in a couple of years we could do it again... It was fun!

How was your Christmas?


  1. Oih miten ihana minimalistinen kuusi! :)

    1. Kiitos :) meille ei ole kauheasti viela keraantynyt noita koristeita, katotaan sit muutaman vuoden paasta :D

  2. Oh your food looks delicious, it sounds like you had a lovely Christmas x

    1. Oh it was so tasty :) hope you had a delicious Christmas too! :)


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