Our little reindeer - our Christmas portrait and Christmas cards 2015

I've taken a Christmas portrait of my girl for two years running, so was pretty keen on continuing this tradition this year too. As toddlers are known for their limited attention span and quick movements, I figured I would resort to plain old bribery to get my photo... A great big gingerbread biscuit type of a bribery. And a few chocolate coins for good measure. Because, after all, it is Christmas.

Not sure if this was a great idea or a bit of a dunce. In most of the pictures her face is covered with a giant gingerbread biscuit. Afterwards I just wanted to say to myself  "Doh, what were you thinking! That she would nicely hold it and let you take the pictures instead of stuffing it in her face at a speed of lightning?".  But there you go, at least I got my shot! My favourite, the one I have shared on Facebook with friends and family is the last one - her looking at the camera and munching away at her reindeer.

christmas toddler portrait with reindeer antlers and eating reindeer biscuit

The previous years the Christmas portrait has also been our Christmas card picture, but this year we had something else in mind... This year we sent some home-made crafted cards to friends and family. It was fabulous fun, although very messy. We shall see what we will come up next year!

And here is the final version of the card - we saved the best one for ourselves!

Did you take Christmas pictures or make Christmas cards yourselves this year?


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