Toddler outfit of the day: the swimsuit edition

We spent a lot of time at the beach during our trip to Folkestone. It was our very first camping holiday as a family, and we loved the seaside, beach adventures and swimming in the wild seas. 

During our holiday spent a lot of time in our swimsuits... Our little madam was very Beyoncé in her approach to beach style. On just one afternoon she had four outfit changes! I of course took lots of pictures so here is a post about one day on a beach, Beyoncé style!
toddler girl wearing a red polkadot Moomin swimsuit

toddler looking towards the sea in a swimsuit

pair of light pink crocs beach shoes

She started off with her Moomin swimsuit her grandmother got her. She absolutely loves it, and what's not to love with Snork Maiden, polkadots and a little skirt. The back has a funky crisscross pattern which ensures it stays on well. 

The outfit and the future outfits were teamed with multifunctional pink beach shoes by Crocs.  While Beyoncé probably would have had multiple shoe swaps too, we had two options - her only pair of beach shoes or bare feet. 

toddler wearing a wetsuit on a beach

After a bit of wading in the sea it was time for a proper swim.... So out came the wetsuit! I love how she looks like a little surfer wearing this. The sea was very cold and we spent a while swimming, so I was glad she had this. She was practically running in to the water, pretending to be Zuma from Paw Patrol and told us she was going to rescue us. "Let's get wet!" she shouted. So of course, I held her up in water and we went round to everyone to give them a cuddle and tell them they were now saved. 

toddler being upset because their sand castle washed away

sunuva swimsuit with hummingbird and flower print

After the swim, it was time for her halterneck Sunuva swimsuit. I absolutely love this one, it is so cute with a pink hummingbird and flower print on a light purple background. I won a bundle of summer clothes in a giveaway a while back and this came in that bundle.

If you are wondering what her face was all about, the tide coming in washed away her sand castle and she was quite upset about it. Until she decided it was time to go and dip her toes in the water again. 

toddler wearing a lilly and sid zebra swim suit on a beach

lilly and sid zebra swimsuit hood up close

toddler wearing a zebra swimsuit looking out at the sea

Fourth outfit was her Zebra sunsuit from Lilly & Sid. We got this for her when she was probably about a year old... It fit her perfectly when she was that age. It still fits now, about two years later, it just has short sleeves and shorts now rather than overall coverage. I love the design and actually, I might check Lilly&Sid for next year if they have something equally fabulous in their new collections. 

These were her four outfits at the beach. Not to mention her terry cloth towels and playsuits she was wearing while warming up and in between outfit changes... She has quite an extensive beach wardrobe for a three year old! 

What kind of swim suits your kids have? What brands would you recommend?


  1. I love the look of those crocs for little ones as my toddler complains of sore feet on pebbles. Perhaps he needs to 'man up' but he's only 2!

    1. Aww, a two year old should definitely not man up :D These are alright in pebbles, on a sand beach they do get sand inside them though. My daughter often takes them off because I guess it feels annoying to have sand inside your shoe.

  2. I am LOVING the Beyonce style dressing! Why not! What a fab array of swimwear. I think my favourite is the zebra sunsuit - how fun is that! Glad you had al lovely time away :) Thanks so much for linking up with #weekendtotstyle x

    1. Thanks for hosting :) I love the zebra swimsuit - it is such a shame it is so small now. In fact, I think all of these swimsuits will be small next year so we will have to get a few more :)

  3. This is adorable. Must admit we are huge fans of Lilly and Sid swimwear, although we ned more as ours are getting a bit old and tatty now..they have been well used! The bright red looks fab too xx

    1. Ah they really are brilliant - I think we will need to get more next year as the outfits are just too cute :)

  4. Aww you have a zeal too!! I got one of the zebra suits last year for Pip and it just fit him this year but next year I'm definitely going to be shopping for a new one, it's just so cute!

    1. Ah yeah the zebra suit was so cute I couldn't leave it in the shops. They had a ladybug too at the time, and that was pretty damn cute too :)

  5. These suits are adorable! That Moomin one is especially gorgeous :) I love to buy Busby a Boden swimsuit every year - they last so well.

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xxx

    1. I have actually never bought anything from Boden but I do hear lots of bloggers like their stuff - I'll have to check them out :) Thanks for hosting!


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