Top 10 travel essentials from a travel mad family

We have got our family travel packing to a fine art by now. Having had a good amount of practice we now know what items we find essential for family travel.

We love travel in our family. I guess it might be in our blood - me having lived in five countries by now, and husband having spent his first few months of life in a caravan somewhere South of France. Our daughter clocked about 12 flights in her first year of life. We have been skiing and we have been camping, and each time similar items crop up.  

So, what ten items would I pack for my trip abroad?

Top 10 travel essentials from a travel mad family

Top 10 travel essentials from a travel mad family- camera

mum holding an adapter

The top travel items every family should remember to pack - and why. A light-hearted take on things to remember to include when packing for family travel.

1. Passports. Because well of course... You gotta get out of the country first!

2. Camera. For taking all those fantastic holiday memories home so you can enjoy them forever more. And look at them wistfully when back home...

3. Adapter. At some point your camera will run out of charge. Or your phone. Or any other crucially needed electrical item such as the iPad with five seasons of Peppa Pig. And you do not need the hassle of trying to hunt the priciest piece of plastic known to man. In a foreign language.

comfortable shoes - one of top 10 travel essential items

family of three wearing ski gear

three girls swimsuits

mum testing if child has fever and dad giving calpol

4. Comfortable flat shoes. Yep. Been there, done that (in my stiletto heels). Didn't see much. 

5. Outfits. And by outfits I mean the appropriate clothing for the holiday of course - ski or swimsuit! And if you fail at this packing stage, please see item 9.

6. Calpol. I don't know about you, but for us it is almost as if every single bug is notified when annual leave is booked and flights paid for. Save the day notices are sent for the departure date. And then it is time to part-ay. Viral style. So Calpol for those sniffly nights you know are coming.

family checking the time

showing an empty space in family suitcase

mum holding a credit card up

7. Time. Time to be a family. Because that is the one thing you do not have when you are back home, busy earning a living. And it is tough. So use that time wisely, and be patient. You have time to enjoy and go slow. 

8. Space in a suitcase. I don't know about you, but I do love to bring a little memory back home. I do try and select something useful but with kids. Well, it often ends up being the umpteenth of soft toy...

9. Credit card! For all those things that you forgot, except...

favourite soft toy - Top 10 travel essential for families

10. Favourite soft toy. When travelling with kids, this is the LAST THING YOU WANT TO FORGET. OK, forgetting the passports would be slightly more troublesome, but seriously. The favourite soft toy - do not forget. Or forget sleep. 

Top 10 travel essentials from a travel mad family | Wave to Mummy

What would you pack?


  1. Tää on hauska kuvasarja ja varmasti oli teilläkin hauskaa tätä kuvatessa :-) Ihanasti eläydytte kuvissa!

    1. Kiitos - tata oli yllattavan hauska tehda :) tyttokin ihan innostui nayttelemaan :D

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun with this! I love the way you have used photos and your blackboard too. Those inclusive holidays are really excellent during colder months and even in summer in the UK! I always pack a reel of tooth floss as it doubles up as a washing line if you twist two strands together and of course enough tea bags to last me ;-)

    1. Thank you :) it was fun to get creative like this and draw a bit too.

      Tooth floss as a washing up line - never would have thought that! Great tip :)


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