What to put in a non-chocolate Easter basket for a three year old?

This year I decided to do an Easter basket for my daughter, filled with non-chocolate Easter gifts perfect for a three year old. I figured that since she is bound to get a crazy amount of chocolate from family and friends, a non-chocolate Easter gift basket would be a better bet. I included all sorts of perfect Easter gifts for the little ones here, suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers, ranging from books to crafts, and wanted to share my ideas with you. I've linked to some specific suggestions and some of the links I've provided may be affiliate.

Wicker Easter basket with gifts for kids

Wicker Easter basket with non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids

I've never done one of these seasonal baskets before, but I thought it might be a fun tradition to start one. You could do one for Christmas, one for Easter, one for Halloween and what not, depending on what kind of traditions you follow. Maybe even a Hanukkah basket or a Ramadan basket! You could probably also save many of the seasonal items from year to year so it shouldn't break your bank or your environmental credentials too much... Anyway, here are the items I selected for my non-chocolate Easter gift basket for me three year old daughter.

three Easter books

For reading... 

There are a huge amount of Easter books out there, but to be honest, anything with bunnies, chicks or lambs would do perfectly! I find my three year old particularly loves anything to do with bunnies...

As for Easter books, I got a few firm favourites from Usborne Books. That's not my Lamb is one of the classic touchy-feely books, and while this is aimed more at the baby market my three (nearly four) year old daughter still loves reading these to herself and touching the different textures. Easter Bunny Flap Book is another cute book with colourful drawings, Easter eggs hiding under flaps and little peek holes to the next pages. The third Easter book we got was the Easter Fun activity book, which has 12 simple crafts suitable for young kids - and a sheet of stickers inside too.  

If you are in US: That's not my Lamb; Easter Bunny Flap Book, and Easter Fun activity book

paints, felt tip pens, colouring pads and paint brushes and foam stickers

For crafting...  

An Easter egg decorating kit is a perfect addition to the Easter activity pack. I bought paint brushes and grabbed Crayola paints and felt pens to make a full kit. You can get Easter egg painting kits online too! Now all that is needed is some hard boiled eggs. And what child wouldn't love stickers? I got a pack of glittery egg monstrosities from Flying Tiger, and I am expecting these to be a huge hit.  Foam Easter stickers are widely available online too. Could even stick these on the eggs.  

Colouring is another surefire activity that keeps my kid entertained. I got a few finger puppets and frieze with Easter motifs (from Phoenix Trading). I am particularly excited to play with the finger puppets and use the frieze as a decoration in my daughter's room. Any colouring and painting activities work well with young kids (like these Easter bookmarks), and fit an Easter basket if there are chicks, Easter eggs, bunnies and so on.

If you are in US: Easter egg painting kit; Easter stickers; Easter headband craft

paper bunny bunting, small bunnies and chicks and bunny stick balloon

For decorating...

I also thought that it would be fun for her to decorate her room, or our living room with some Easter related little things. The little bunnies and chicks are from Sainsbury's, and I have saved them from a previous year (but you can get them online too).

The stick balloon (also fab for using as an Easter egg hunt marker) is probably from Tesco's and is at least a year old. These things last forever if you aren't too rough with them. 

Little Woodland Animal bunting I thought would be perfect for Easter as well, as it has loads and loads of bunnies in. It is from the same designer as the frieze I introduced earlier, so should look nice together. It's not available online anymore but if I were to get anything else I'd get this burlap Easter bunting.  

If you are in US: Easter bunting; Easter chicks

bunny ears and a bunny pencil case

For being a bunny...

And of course - you do need to include bunny ears! These are old one's from Sainsbury's, but you can get similar ones just about anywhere around Easter. I also bought a bunny pencil case from Paperchase, because I couldn't resist it for my bunny-mad babe. There are one's available on Amazon too. 

If you are in US: Bunny pencil case; Bunny ears

Easter basket filled with Easter gifts

So there, a bunch of non-chocolate Easter gifts for an Easter basket - I would love to know if you have ever made any of these yourselves and what you included in!

Ideas for non-chocolate Easter gifts, perfect for three year old kids - and toddlers and other young children. Book recommendations, ideas for craft items, decorations and other fun stuff!

What did you include in Easter baskets? What non-chocolate items would you recommend?

A non-chocolate Easter basket - Easter gift ideas for 3 year olds (also suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers)
Ideas for non-chocolate Easter gift basket, perfect for three year old kids - and toddlers and other young children. Book recommendations, ideas for craft items, decorations and other fun stuff!

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  1. This is something I've done since my eldests first easter. I love doing it. Ours is very similar. Love your choices.

    1. I wish I would have tried this a bit sooner - this was so much fun to make! Thank you :)

  2. Oh I love the woodland animal bunting - isn't it sweet! We tend to go non chocolate too as they get a lot from family; in the past we've dyed blown eggs with coloured tissue paper, I've made felted eggs which had tiny peg people living in them, and made a turkish plait loaf with red eggs in it - all of which was far more fun than over-chocolated children!!

    1. I love those alternative Easter ideas you have - felt eggs with peg people, that sounds so unbelievably cute :D and using tissue paper to colour them - that's a new one for me.

      Btw we still have Easter chocolates over a month after Easter ha ha! We just get so much.


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